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Published on :   09/01/2023

Fellow cruisers,

Happy New Year!

 As we head into an exciting 2023, we are delighted to tell you about the launch of our CroisiClub Loyalty Programme! This is our first ever rewards programme for repeat guests and you can sign up now to accumulate points on your travels with us and, in turn, earn benefits on future cruises.

To start the year off right, we also invite you to discover the Kaza Lodge in pictures. This is our 2nd private lodge on the banks of Zambezi River, part of our African Safari Cruise programme, which was formally inaugurated in 2022.

Then, we suggest you discover our last blog article about canal barge cruising, along the canals of France.

Finally, we will share with you some pictures of our ship La Belle des Océans in dry dock, and why it is currently out of the water undergoing some updates and changes before heading back out on its ever-popular Canaries cruise.

Enjoy your reading, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon.

CroisiClub, our new loyalty programme

We are happy to announce our brand-new loyalty programme CROISICLUB is now available.  

To thank you even more for your loyalty to our company, we have launched a brand-new loyalty programme, the CroisiClub, that will allow you to accumulate points on your journeys with CroisiEurope, which will then allow you to collect various rewards before, during, and even after your stay onboard our ships.

These points will allow you to obtain numerous benefits such as exclusive offersdiscounts, and cabin/deck upgrades, during your stay or even exclusive offers. All this will be according to your loyalty level.



You have until January 31st to take advantage of the 10% discount on the cruise of your choice with our special code: CROISINOEL

Immersion in Southern Africa

To start the New Year on a high note, we take you to Southern Africa to discover the Kaza Lodge in pictures. Inaugurated last June, it pairs with cruises on board the Zimbabwean Dream.

Located in the middle of nature, it is composed of 8 thatched bungalows designed to offer an authentic, modern, and refined environment with the utmost comfort.

Nestled in the heart of and under the branches of a huge 700-year-old baobab tree, the bungalows offer a breathtaking view over the Zambezi River and the savannah from their private terraces and pools.

The large viewing deck with infinity pool is an ideal vantage point to observe the surrounding nature.

Slow Tourism along the French Canals

Embark on a unique slow-paced cruise in complete tranquillity along the canals of France aboard our barges. Take part in a gourmet and cultural itinerary in the heart of nature, charming villages, and French traditions.

Our cruises on French canals are characterized by an incomparably gentle way of life, revealing places most travellers never see. Highly exclusive, these hand-curated itineraries travel through the most beautiful regions of France, taking passengers to the heart of picturesque, authentic villages while taking the time to discover the charm of the "Joie de Vivre" in a different light. [...]


Our latest events

La Belle des Océans drydocked in the Canaries

It's time for a short winter break for La Belle des Océans who is getting a makeover in Las Palmas before resuming its cruises along the Canary archipelago later this month.

Did you know?

Once every two years, marine vessels must be put in "dry dock", which means that the outer hull of the vessel is no longer in contact with water.

The purpose of the dry dock is to perform a complete cleaning and inspection of the hull and the entire structure of the vessel and to ensure the absence of cracks, check the condition of welds, rivets, or water outlets.

See you next month for a new edition of our CroisiMag!

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