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Our fleet in Europe

Since its creation, CroisiEurope has built a fleet of cruise ships capable of taking its passengers on all the European rivers. Today, the company counts 32 ships on the continent, all of Standard category and Premium category. Designed with care and taste for detail, each of the boats in the CroisiEurope fleet offers comfort and safety, and always with a touch of originality in interior decoration.

100 to 180 passengers can board, depending on the design of the ships. These are regularly maintained to kept up to date with décor and optimal safety standards. The CroisiEurope fleet welcomes new cruise ships every year, while some of the older ones are completely refurbished. Becoming the European leader in river cruises, CroisiEurope represents today quality, with its experience, its dynamism and its sense of innovation.

CroisiEurope was founded in 1976, first cruiser-crossing the Rhine, then the Danube. The cruise company then conquered all major rivers in Europe, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and many others, thanks to its expertise.

In 2015 and 2016, the ships MS Loire Princesse and the MS Elbe Princesse joined the fleet. These paddlewheel ships are at the forefront of technology and a rare modernity, they have allowed CroisiEurope to be the pioneer of navigation on the Loire and the Elbe, among others.

Trust CroisiEurope to organise you an unforgettable journey to Europe aboard its fleet!

Seine river

A poetic journey from Paris, the City of Lights, Honfleur and Côte Fleurie

Gironde, Garonne & Dordogne

Discover the South West of France, the Gironde and the Grands Crus de Bordeaux with a taste of France finest wines.

Rhône & Saône

From Lyon to the Camargue, a cruise along the Côtes du Rhône.


A unique stroll among the castles of the Loire

Guadalquivir & Guadiana

Seville and the heart of Andalusia cruise

Venice & Pô

From the city of the Doges to the treasures of Italy