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CroisiEurope River Cruise Line - About Us

"MORE THAN FORTY YEARS AGO, our founder, Gérard Schmitter, brought CroisiEurope to life through his trailblazing spirit.

Today the Schmitter family continue that legacy."

When river cruising was a privilege for the wealthy, CroisiEurope developed an affordable cruising concept offering the best value in river cruises at great prices, and appealing to every traveler.

This was possible thanks to our involvement in all the steps: from the simple idea to the construction of our ships, the assembly of our crews, and the full integration of sales and logistical (purchasing, cuisine and maintenance) teams. Your pleasure is our priority, and we aim to provide just that in the comfort of our boats and the quality of the service you receive when dining. We call on all our expertise to better serve you, including working in partnership with some of the most renowned French chefs, such as Paul Bocuse and Marc Haeberlin.

Operating 50 company-owned ships and five chartered vessels, the CroisiEurope river cruise company is proud to be the greatest river ship owners in Europe. Although the Rhine and its tributaries and the Danube remain the major river cruise destinations in Europe, we knew how to develop creative itineraries that appeal to everyone. But we also knew it was important to expand our cruises to unique destinations. These include the Seine and the Rhône, of course, but also the Tisza in Hungary, the Guadalquivir in Spain, the Douro in Portugal, the Dordogne and the Garonne in Bordeaux. Don’t forget our more exotic destinations as well: the Mekong in Vietnam and the lake Kariba in Southern Africa.

"Today, we are truly proud to offer you the largest variety of destinations within Europe."

Our founder’s pioneering spirit has been passed down through the generations. After having developed the novel concept of a Sea cruise on the Adriatic aboard a 200-passenger, top-comfort and high-tech ship (La Belle de l’Adriatique), CroisiEurope revamped the feel of cruising the French canals in Alsace, Burgundy, Oise Valley, Champagne, Upper Loire, Provence, and Paris with a fleet of new, modern and comfortable hotel barges.

With just 12 cabins, these barges bring you to the heart of each one of these regions to discover the hidden treasures awaiting you. As a French company we were proud to be the first and only line to launch river cruises on the Loire. In a worldwide premier, our new revolutionary boat equipped with a paddle wheel will bring you into the interior of a mythical region like you have never experienced before. Alsatian, but French. French, but European.

CroisiEurope knew how to become global by providing cruises in some of the world’s most fabulous destinations. And it’s with this passion, friendliness, and professionalism that we welcome you aboard our fleet.

"The Schmitter Family and the valuable employees and crew members of CroisiEurope thank you for your patronage, and invite you to make your dreams our destinations this year."


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