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The MV Belle de l’Adriatique was completely renovated in 2017, it is a unique ship of its kind. It combines modernity and state-of-the-art technology while preserving its dimensions on a human scale, making it capable of anchoring in ports inaccessible to any other maritime vessel. The comfort is at the highest, allowing you to enjoy the sensational landscapes that line your way from the sun deck, relaxing in the jacuzzi or even from your cabins.

All the way to the splendid and surprising Croatia, passing through Cyprus, Malta or even via Sicily. You will see the Big Blue and its unexplored shores of Southern Europe, from Italy to Montenegro, and beyond. Or even travel to the Holy Land of Israel, for an unforgettable journey. Aboard the Belle de l'Adriatique, you will sail where no other cruise ship can go, and you will dock on the picturesque docks of ancient cities.

Find below the full details on the ship, there are numerous services available onboard. You will be able to discover everything about this fabulous ship that will take you through one of the most beautiful regions of the world. In addition, you will also see the extensive list of cruises onboard the Belle de l’Adriatique.

Mediterranean & Adriatic Seas

Discovering the most beautiful secrets of the big blue