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General terms and conditions of sale CroisiEurope

Season 2024

Booking one of the cruises presented in this brochure or on our website shall imply the acceptance of the general and particular terms and conditions of sale stipulated hereinafter. By dating and signing the travel contract drawn up by the salesperson from whom he purchases his voyage, which stipulates that the terms and conditions have been accepted by him, the client expressly recognises that he has familiarised himself with the information relative to the voyage that he has chosen from our brochures, available in travel agencies or directly from us. He shall therefore be referred to the information contained in these brochures or on our website in respect of any details concerning the voyage. Our brochures offer a selection of cruises and our offer is not limited to the cruises selected. Cruises or provisions not included in the brochure shall be subject to the same terms and conditions.

ALSACE CROISIERES – CROISIEUROPE S.A.S. respects the privacy of its users and customers and is committed to ensuring that all collected data, in particular concerning its customers and allowing to identify them, is considered as confidential information. According to the law of Data Protection, you are entitled to change, correct and delete personal data by contacting one of our offices. In case of non-compliance, you can contact the data protection officer (DPO):




VALIDITY: Brochure valid from 01/01/2024 to 31/12/2024.

PRICES: Our prices are indicated in pounds (£), they are given per person and based on a double cabin. They are established on the basis of the prevailing economic conditions applicable from February 22nd 2023 and are calculated at an all-in rate including a series of service provisions described in the programmes and reserved by the customer but exclude all service provisions that the customer shall reserve and pay for on board and other costs and any expenditure occasioned by a fortuitous event (strike, riot, revolution, weather conditions, water levels, etc.). They depend on various factors involved in their calculation such as the cost of transportation, cost of loading and unloading, port costs, fuel costs, royalties and other taxes, and remain subject to revision. Our prices include taxes, all expenses, fees and other additional costs. Therefore, and pursuant to the statutory part of the Book II of the Tourism Code, we reserve the right to review our prices in the event of variations in exchange rates, the cost of fuel (Brent barrel reference available on the E.I.A’s web site, economic conditions or any other service provision mentioned in the programmes. CroisiEurope has established its 2024 prices on the basis of a barrel price of 76 € and will not apply a revision for variations between 45 € and 85 €, but reserves the right to apply a revision beyond that. In the case of air transfers, the price will be revised according to the fuel-related variations applied by the airlines concerned.

• Exchange rates and more specifically for the Vietnam / Cambodia programmes and Southern Africa safari-cruise programmes (Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe) - (Dollar - reference rate on February 22nd 2023: 1 € = 1.05 $); for the Safari-cruise programme in Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe) - (Rands - reference rate on February 22nd 2023: 1€ = 19.23 ZAR); and for the India programme (Indian Rupee - reference rate on February 22nd 2023: 1 € = 90.90 INR). The proportion of foreign currency payments for these trips varies between 35 and 70% of the total cost of the trip, depending on the destination.

• Various taxes such as VAT, duties, etc.

The prices, all taxes included, shall be confirmed by the travel agent selling the cruise at the time of booking. In the event of modifications, the adjustment up or down shall not necessarily be operated upon the date of payment for service provisions, but upon the date of use which alone shall prevail. In any case, no price change can be made in the 20 days preceding the departure. The cost of visas and tariffs for optional excursions are subject to modification at any time without prior notice by the competent authorities, and in this case, will be passed on in full to customers. All services charged on board the boats should be paid on board, before the clients get off. For cruises including tips, to facilitate the traveller’s stay our prices include tips paid in full to local providers in the destination country, determined by us in recognition of local customs and practices.


TRAVEL - DURATION - ACCOMMODATION: Durations shown do not match with the number of days spent at the destination, but with the entire trip, including transport, either a certain number of nights and do not necessarily correspond to a predetermined number of full days. If, owing to the schedules imposed by the various means of transport, the first and last days happen to be curtailed by a late arrival or a morning departure, no refunds shall be forthcoming. The duration of the voyage is calculated as of the day of convocation to the day of return. Meals on the first and last days are not included unless otherwise indicated in the programme, and will be at the passengers’ own expense. All services on the last day end with breakfast. Some meals may be provided by the airline. The classification and category of the hotels and ships (off fleet from CroisiEurope) are provided by the local authorities in the country and according to their criteria, which may or may not correspond to the French norms. Any claim or complaint arising as a result of the categorization of hotel or ship will not give rise to any refund or payment of compensation.

PAYMENT FOR THE VOYAGE – BOOKINGS AND SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNTS: Bookings may be made at any time in any travel agency, subject to places available. Programmes and prices shall be those listed on our sales contracts, which must be taken by the travel agent seller on the copy given to the traveler and signed up for acceptance. The prior information is available in our brochure, completed with any amendments, corrections communicated to the time of application for registration with CroisiEurope. The client acknowledges having read all these elements. Your booking shall be considered firm as soon as have agreed and applied the conditions of the contract. The reservation contract must be signed by you and returned within eight days after it has been sent. For CroisiEurope, the voyage cannot be guaranteed if full settlement of the balance owing has not reached us 30 days prior to the date of departure. Failure to pay the balance upon the dates thus defined constitutes default, which is subject to a clause of immediate resolution of the contract. For bookings made less than 30 days prior to the date of departure, the total sum shall be paid on booking. For the cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa, the voyage cannot be guaranteed if full settlement of the balance owing has not reached us 45 days prior to the date of departure. Failure to pay the balance upon the dates thus defined constitutes default, which is subject to a clause of immediate resolution of the contract. For bookings made less than 45 days prior to the date of departure, the total sum shall be paid on booking. For failure to meet deadlines above, the company CroisiEurope reserves the right to take back seats if the customer has not paid the amounts expected by the company within eight days after the formal notice of payment sent by CroisiEurope. By virtue of Articles L-441-3 and L-441-6 of the Commercial Code, all late payments shall bring about the application of late payment penalties equal to 1.5 times the legal rate of interest. Furthermore, no discounts shall be granted for early payment. Travel documents and transport tickets shall be issued to the passenger after payment of the price in full.

ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS IN THE EVENT OF MODIFICATION BY THE CUSTOMER PRIOR TO DEPARTURE: For cruises: All modifications to the booking fifteen days prior to departure shall entail a charge of £ 50 per person (excluding postage costs, which shall be charged as extra). Such charge is not refundable and is payable immediately by credit card or bank transfer only (no payments by check will be accepted). However, no modifications shall be accepted less than four days prior to departure. Such charges shall also be demanded in the event of transfer of the contract to a third party. Be careful, any change in the cruise date is considered as a cancellation and will be subject to cancellation charges. For transportation: Should a modification require the change of one or more names of customers, on the date, or on the trip itinerary, we decline all liability as to acceptance or refusal by our various suppliers, particularly the airline companies. Modification charges in the order £ 50 excluding VAT added to the total ticket price excluding VAT per person may be demanded by said companies. In the event of refusal, the cancellation charge scales apply.


MODIFICATIONS TO AIRLINE SERVICES BY CUSTOMERS AFTER DEPARTURE: The tariffs of the airlines used to reach the ports of embarkation are subject to specific terms and conditions of reservation and issue. Once the voyage has started, no modifications are permitted by the airline companies or by the ship owner and no refunds shall be forthcoming. The ship owner shall not meet the accommodation expenses of passengers put ashore in the course of the cruise or at the end of the cruise.


POSTAGE COSTS: Any costs such as guaranteed overnight delivery, express delivery, etc. rendered necessary by dint of a late booking, strikes by the postal services or other circumstances beyond our control shall be billed to the travel agency or to the customer.



The traveller may terminate the contract at any time prior to the start of the trip or stay, subject to the payment of appropriate termination fees or, where applicable, standard termination fees demanded by the organiser or retailer.


Should the customer cancel the refund of amounts paid will be made after deduction of the amounts (cancellation costs) stipulated in the contract.

If cancellation is made by the customer, the refund of amounts paid will be made deducting the cancellations fees per person specified in the contract, according to the cancellation date from the departure date, and costs that are non-refundable insurance fees, booking fees, visa fees and any other cancellation fees charged by our suppliers. If one of the passengers in a double room or cabin cancels his booking, the remaining passenger shall pay the single cabin supplement. All cancellations must be sent to the seller in written (email or mail).

Cost of cancelling CroisiEurope river cruises:

• More than 90 days before date of departure: 135GBP, not including VAT, in administration fees will be charged per person (fees for themed-weekend and Christmas-market cruises are listed after)

• From 90 to 60 days: 20 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 59 to 30 days: 50 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 29 to 19 days: 60 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 18 to 9 days: 75 % of total amount of cruise package

• 8 days or less before departure: 100 % of total amount of cruise package

For CroisiEurope themed-weekend and Christmas-market river cruises, a cancellation fee of 50 GBP, not including VAT, will be charged per person at more than 90 days before departure. The fee schedule listed above remains unchanged for these cruises.

Cost of cancelling CroisiEurope seafaring cruises:

• More than 90 days before date of departure: 270 GBP, not including VAT, in administration fees will be charged per person

• From 90 to 60 days: 40 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 59 to 30 days: 60 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 29 to 9 days: 75 % of total amount of cruise package

• 8 days or less before departure: 100 % of total amount of cruise package

Cancellation terms and conditions above, the cancellation fees for CroisiEurope “New Year’s Eve” river and seafaring cruises are as follows:

• More than 90 days before date of departure: 270 GBP, not including VAT, in administration fees will be charged per person

• From 90 to 60 days: 40 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 59 to 30 days: 60 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 29 to 20 days: 75 % of total amount of cruise package

• 19 days or less before departure: 100 % of total amount of cruise package

Cancellation fees for the cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa:

• More than 90 days before date of departure: 270 GBP, not including VAT, in administration fees will be charged per person

• From 90 to 61 days: 35 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 60 to 31 days: 50 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 30 to 20 days: 70 % of total amount of cruise package

• From 19 to 9 days: 80 % of total amount of cruise package

• 8 days or less before departure: 100 % of total amount of cruise package

By accepting these general terms and conditions of sale, the traveller expressly acknowledges that he/she has been previously informed and agrees to the cancellation fees in the manner set out above.

IMPORTANT: All all-in prices including air transport are subject to the general and special terms and conditions of cancellation of the designated airline companies. In the event of cancellation of one or more passengers, the following terms and conditions of cancellation shall be applied:

• River, maritime and coastal services: pursuant to the general terms and conditions of CroisiEurope.

• Air transport: terms and conditions of the designated airline company, available on the web sites of the respective airlines or from our booking departments on request.

In addition, the amount of cancellation fees relating to land-based services (hotel, for example) will correspond to the amount of actual fees invoiced by the partner to CroisiEurope


REFUNDS / DISCOUNTS: No refund shall be forthcoming if the customer fails to turn up at the times and places mentioned in the travel instructions sent to him. Likewise, if he cannot provide the police or health documents required for his voyage (passports, visas, identity card, vaccination certificate, etc.). CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for a delay to air, rail or land feeder services bringing about the passenger’s failure to appear at departure, regardless of the reason, even if such delay is the result of a case of force majeure, a fortuitous circumstance or the fault of a third party. Curtailment of the cruise shall not give rise to a refund request or credit note of any kind, unless appropriate cancellation insurance has been taken out which includes such option in its general terms and conditions. In this case, the refund shall be made directly by the insurance company. The waiver of any of the services included in the services of the cruise shall not entitle to any refund. Claims on the ground of possible price differences shall not be taken into consideration. The signature of the booking contract and payment of the invoice by the client imply his acceptance of the travel prices and terms. It is impossible for CroisiEurope to take into account, afterwards, reductions or special prices announced after the trip is confirmed.

Reductions apply to the base price before airport taxes, extra costs, handling costs, visa and insurance costs. The various reductions cannot be used concurrently and cannot be granted subsequent to booking. Reductions are not applicable to promotions.


REDUCTIONS FOR CHILDREN: For children under the age of two, meal and lodging expenses and excursions are provided free of charge. For children aged 2 up to 10: 20% discount on the price of the cruise, excursions and transfers, excluding flight, taxes, additional charges and service fees. For children over 10 years of age, the normal rate applies. These discounts do not apply to cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa. For the Mekong and Southern Africa only the following discounts apply: For Southern Africa: 15% discount on the cruise price for 1 child from 7 to 14 years old sharing a room/cabin/bungalow with 1 or 2 adults (excluding flights, taxes, additional charges, service fees, ...). For the Mekong: 20% discount on the cruise price for 1 child from 2 to 12 years old sharing a cabin/room with 1 or 2 adults (excluding flights, taxes, additional charges, service fees, ...). For safety reasons, children under the age of 7 are not accepted on the Southern Africa and India destinations.


TRIPLE CABIN REDUCTION: 30% discount on the price of the cruise will be given to the 3rd occupant from the same family in triple-occupancy cabins, excluding flight, taxes, additional charges and service fees. These discounts do not apply to cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa.


DISCOUNT WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: On CroisiEurope river cruises from 3 to 13 days, the wife receives a discount on the cruise for each 10 years of marriage. Ex: 10, 20, 30 ... years of marriage = 10, 20, 30% ... off. The latter is only valid for wedding anniversaries in 2024 and applicable upon presentation of the marriage certificate or family register. This discount is only valid on the cruise fare, excluding surcharges and delivery costs, it is non-retroactive, non-refundable and cannot be combined with any other offer. These reductions do not apply to maritime and coastal cruises nor on cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa.


SPECIAL FAMILY OFFERS: These offers are applicable for a selection of cruises and are marked in this brochure by the Family Offer logo. The cruise (excluding flight, taxes and additional charges) is free for a maximum of two children (up to the age of 16) for one paying adult. Beyond that, other children up to the age of 16 will pay 30% of the price of the cruise (excluding flight, taxes and additional charges). This offer is valid on river cruises only and is not available for maritime and coastal cruises nor on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa. For maritime and coastal cruises, children up to the age of 16 have a 30% discount on the price of the cruise (excluding flight, taxes and additional charges). This discount applies to a maximum of two children for one paying adult. For single-parent families traveling with two children, the additional individual cabin charge is waived exclusively for Special Family Offers on CroisiEurope river cruises and maritime and coastal cruises. There is a pre-set quota of places eligible for the Special Family Offer on selected cruises. If your cruise no longer has the Family Offer available, the seller will do its best to offer you—with no obligation to achieve the desired result—alternative dates or cruises that still have the offer available. Special Family offers are nonretroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer.


ATOL PROTECTED PACKAGES: When you buy an ATOL protected flight or flight inclusive holiday from us you will receive an ATOL Certificate. This lists what is financially protected, where you can get information on what this means for you and who to contact if things go wrong. We, or the suppliers identified on your ATOL Certificate, will provide you with the services listed on the ATOL Certificate (or a suitable alternative). In some cases, where neither we nor the supplier are able to do so for reasons of insolvency, an alternative ATOL holder may provide you with the services you have bought or a suitable alternative (at no extra cost to you). You agree to accept that in those circumstances the alternative ATOL holder will perform those obligations and you agree to pay any money outstanding to be paid by you under your contract to that alternative ATOL holder. However, you also agree that in some cases it will not be possible to appoint an alternative ATOL holder, in which case you will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme (or your credit card issuer where applicable). If we, or the suppliers identified on your ATOL certificate, are unable to provide the services listed (or a suitable alternative, through an alternative ATOL holder or otherwise) for reasons of insolvency, the Trustees of the Air Travel Trust may make a payment to (or confer a benefit on) you under the ATOL scheme. You agree that in return for such a payment or benefit you assign absolutely to those Trustees any claims which you have or may have arising out of or relating to the non-provision of the services, including any claim against us, the travel agent (or your credit card issuer where applicable). You also agree that any such claims maybe re-assigned to another body, if that other body has paid sums you have claimed under the ATOL scheme.


CRUISE FLEXIBILITY: For your comfort and peace of mind when planning a cruise, we offer Cruise Flexibility. This optional program, of which the cost is detailed below, is non-refundable and non-cancellable, can only be used once per trip, and must be purchased by all the persons included in the booking. With Cruise Flexibility you can change the date and destination, under the following conditions:

• CroisiEurope river cruises (excl. cruises with a duration of less than 3 days / 2 nights as well as day services): £ 119 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 30 days before departure

• CroisiEurope maritime and coastal cruises: £ 178 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 30 days before departure

• CroisiEurope cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa: £ 238 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 45 days before departure

Cruise Flexibility is subject to the following conditions: The change of date must be made once Cruise Flexibility has been requested. The change of date and destination must take place on the same cruise as initially selected. The application of the Cruise Flexibility results in the cancellation of the cruise initially reserved and the establishment of a new booking which will be subject to the general terms and conditions of sale effective on the date of the new booking. Cruise Flexibility is independent of an optional insurance, which we strongly suggest you to purchase and for which you will find the conditions in the corresponding paragraph. Cruise Flexibility is applicable only on the cruise, therefore excluding transport (except if a flight chartered by CroisiEurope) and excluding related services. Changes to pre- and post-routing will therefore be subject to the conditions and possible costs of the corresponding suppliers, which will remain at customer’s expense. Cruise Flexibility becomes effective once the balance of the initial contract has been paid. The change of date must be within the same calendar year, it will not be possible to purchase a new Cruise Flexibility on the new booking which led to the implementation of the initial Cruise Flexibility. The price difference for the new date chosen will be applied to your new booking. If it is in your favour, a credit will be issued to you which you can use on all cruises during the current calendar year.


INDIVIDUAL CABIN: For CroisiEurope river cruises and maritime and coastal cruises, individual cabins are allowed in an amount of 10% of the total number. The number of individual cabins shall not exceed 12, on the total number on the boat, except for cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa.


FORMALITIES: Participants must meet the police and customs formalities in force at the time the voyage takes place and according to their nationality, and must have in their possession all tourist and transit visas and any health certificates required, and this for all countries concerned through which the cruise itinerary passes. Thus, non-French citizens, foreign-born should inquire about the formalities, from their home consulate. We recommend that passengers check for any modifications with their travel agency or consulates, embassies and competent health services or by visiting websites such as etc. A passenger who is not permitted to board a flight or finds himself denied entry into a country, owing to his failure to present documents required by the authorities and mentioned in the contract of sale or the invoice which he has signed, may not claim a refund of any kind. In the event of non-compliance, all costs incurred shall be at the total charge of the customer. The passenger is required to provide the company with any information necessary to enable the latter to satisfy its own obligations on security. In situations where we arrange the entry documents for clients (visa), we will do so on the basis of the information supplied to us by the client. We cannot be held liable under any circumstances if any information provided proves to be erroneous. The requested documents must be sent to us by REGISTERED MAIL WITH AKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT within the required time frame and after having verified that they will be valid for the countries to be visited. These documents will not be returned until the day of departure. We will not be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery by the relevant authorities. The passenger must provide to the company every information necessary to enable it to fulfill its own obligations in the matter of security. It is reminded that in accordance with article L 211-8 of the Tourism Code, the organiser or the retailer must in particular inform the traveller by means of a form established by regulation, prior to the signing of the contract, of the terms for crossing borders. This information is presented in a clear, comprehensive and conspicuous manner. Where this information is submitted in writing, it must be legible. The organiser must also provide the traveller with general information concerning passport and visa requirements, including the approximate duration of visas, as well as information on the health formalities of the country of destination. By accepting these general terms and conditions of sale, the traveller acknowledges that they have been informed by the organiser of all formalities to comply with for the smooth running of the stay in the countries visited, particularly where services are offered on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa,, and in particular those requested for minor children.

NB: Between publication of this brochure and the date of depar-ture, certain modifications may occur. Indeed, the regulations of the different countries change frequently without notice, they are given in the brochure only as a guide, it is the client’s responsibility to find out what formalities are required at the time of travel. CroisiEurope cannot be declared responsible for the failure to observe the formalities on which it advises upon reservation of dossiers at the latest and for fines resulting from the failure to observe the customs or health regulations of the countries visited.


CHILDREN / MINORS: Reservations from minors shall not be accepted by the travel agency but must be made by the parents or other adults of more than 18 years of age with the necessary authorizations. Minors of under 18 years of age are not permitted to travel on board unaccompanied. They must be accompanied by parents or adults of more than 18 years of age. No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors on board. Proof of the customer’s age may be requested by the ship’s personnel.


MEDICAL CONDITIONS: All passengers shall ensure that they are medically, physically and / or in a psychic way fit to undertake a trip without endangering their life or the life of others. No medical services are offered aboard our ships. Any passenger with a physical or mental incapacity, limited capacity of mobility, having an illness requiring treatment or medical care, or pregnant women should inform the travel agent at the time of booking. No reservations can be accepted for passengers whose physical or mental condition is likely to render their participation in the cruise or in the vacation impossible or dangerous for themselves or others, or who require forms of care or assistance impossible to guarantee aboard ship, notably because of unsuitable infrastructure. Some suppliers (hoteliers, airlines and cruise companies, etc) may require a medical certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to travel or they may refuse to accept the booking if they feel that they will be unable to guarantee any assistance or treatment deemed necessary for the health and well-being of the passenger. Participation in the voyage and in excursions is subject to the condition of the passenger having sufficient mobility. If necessary, the disabled may be accompanied at their own expense to obtain the required assistance. If CroisiEurope considers it strictly necessary for the safety and comfort of the passenger, bookings of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility will be subject to the condition that a companion able to assist the disabled or mobility-impaired passenger be present. This requirement is entirely dependent on CroisiEurope’s assessment of the safety related needs of the disabled or mobility-impaired passenger and may vary from one route to another and/or from one boat to another. If the disabled or reduced mobility person requests and requires special assistance (care, supervision), they must be accompanied by a companion who can provide the required assistance at their own expense. All personal accidents, diversions or forced stopover costs disrupting the course of the cruise shall be at the liability of the passen- ger having concealed his unfitness to travel. CroisiEurope recommends the wearing of footwear suitable for life aboard and for excursions with non-slip soles. Some vaccinations, although not mandatory, may be recommended by health authorities.


DENIED BOARDING AND PREMATURE DISEMBARKATION: Boarding may be denied to all passengers and a passenger’s cruise may be curtailed (at the risk and cost of the passenger put ashore) when, in the opinion of the ship’s captain or the senior officer on board, such passenger is not fit to travel, for administrative or other legitimate reasons, or disrupts or endangers other passengers. Such a passenger may be put ashore in any port of call whatsoever without the ship owner’s liability being invoked. The river cruise operator may not be required to reimburse the days of the cruise not made by the passenger put ashore or to cover any costs occasioned by being thus put ashore.


COMPLIANCE WITH THE TIMING OF STOPOVERS: On stopovers, the latest time for returning to the ship and departure of the ship are mentioned aboard and stipulated by the senior officer on board. It behoves passengers to abide by such times. The company declines all liability in the event of failure to board at the appointed time. No refund or compensation shall be payable to the passenger.


EXCURSIONS: For excursions, the number of places is limited. Passengers who have booked excursions before departure will be given priority. The itineraries of the excursions defined in the programmes are given as a rough guide and may be subject to variations owing to external circumstances (e.g. meteorological conditions, strikes, transports delays, closure of sites by the local authorities, etc.) or owing to local service providers. In actual fact, some of the places visited are subject to high levels of security (the Kremlin for example). The authorities in any country may therefore close any place in an untimely manner and prohibit all visits. We cannot be held responsible for the unexpected closure of any intended site and we will always do our best to arrange an alternative visit in such instances. In the event of cancellation of an excursion, CroisiEurope undertakes to do its utmost to offer replacement tours. In the event of definitive cancellation, the excursion shall be refunded. No complementary compensation may be claimed in such circumstances. Unless otherwise stated in the programme, prices for optional excursions, excluding packages, are given for information purposes only, and are guaranteed with a minimum of 25 people per excursion. If the minimum number of 25 persons is not reached, a rate adjustment may be applied on board the boat during the excursion. In the event that an excursion or all excursions are cancelled, where such excursions are optional and can only go ahead with a minimum number of participants as indicated above, this shall not result in the customer cancelling the cruise. Excursions scheduled for the same evening or the next morning on which the boat is boarded are only guaranteed for customers who have subscribed to the package excursions. For the cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa, the excursions booked on site, or mentioned in our programs are organized by local companies that are independent of CroisiEurope. Even if they are proposed by our local representatives as an extra service to passengers, they are bought freely on the spot and do not form a component part of the holiday booked through CroisiEurope from France. All descriptions and tariffs shown are for guidance purposes only. Any dispute, accident or incident in their conduct must be solved on the spot with the body concerned and do not in any way engage the responsibility of CroisiEurope or the travel agency from which the trip was booked.


PERSONAL ITEMS / LUGGAGE: Animals, hazardous objects and products, such as illegal substances, firearms, blunt objects and knives, explosives, oxygen, compressed air or inflammable products, etc. are strictly prohibited on board. The ship owner reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers in possession of such items. Passengers shall be answerable for all damage suffered by the ship owner owing to the failure to abide by the afore-mentioned obligations. Loss of objects or material damage thereto shall be declared on board in writing to the Purser’s Office during the cruises and the head attendant or as part of a circuit or a stay. Such declaration shall be forwarded to us by the passenger within three days of disembarkation. Except in cases of fault on its part, CroisiEurope may not be held responsible for the loss, theft, pilferage of and/or damage to the passenger’s property. Our crew is at the disposal of passengers for the handling of their luggage and its liability may not be invoked. The limit on liability is £ 450 per passenger, it only applies to trips aboard boats of the fleet CroisiEurope. For journeys and cruises on the Mekong and in Southern Africa, the responsibility lies with the owners and local providers. During the whole duration of the trip, luggage, as well as the watching of the belongings is the responsibility of the passengers. CroisiEurope underline to the travelers the fact that it cannot in any way be held responsible for items left and does not support their research or their repatriation. Therefore the forgetting of luggage owing to the customer’s oversight shall result in the charging of any additional costs incurred in recovering it. We advise our passengers to take out luggage insurance. In the event of loss, late delivery or damage to luggage in the context of air transfers, it is the passenger’s responsibility to fill in the luggage complaint form at the airport with the airline company. The original shall be required by the latter for processing all claims.


VALUABLE ITEMS: The ship owner shall not be answerable for the loss of or damage to valuable items, money, financial documents, jewellery, and personal property. We request you not to leave valuable items unattended. Furthermore, we advise you not to leave in the luggage you entrust to carriers any valuable items, keys or identity papers, or medicinal products essential to your health. We cannot be held responsible in the event of damage to and loss or theft of personal effects.


COMPLAINTS: Any assessment of a subjective nature will be considered with interest but may not be recoverable. If there were problems during the trip, it is strongly recommended to inform immediately your attendant or purser to find a solution in due case. In case of non-delivery or non-use of a local performance in accordance with client’s decision, no refund can be made. All complaints must be forwarded to CroisiEurope within 10 days of disembarkation by any means allowing for receipt confirmation to the seller, in accordance with the Tourism Code, and shall be taken into consideration to the extent that such complaint has been observed. The customer shall attach to his letter the assessment form submitted to him with his travel documentation, and shall also attach all proofs in support of his complaint. CroisiEurope informs you that the response time varies from 1 to 3 months following the period of survey among services, hotels or service providers necessary for any claim. After contacting quality customer service and in the absence of a satisfactory response within maximum 90 days, the customer can complain to the ombudsman of Tourism and Travel, whose details and conditions of entry are available on this website: www.mtv. travel. In addition, it will also be possible to make a complaint via the online dispute resolution platform provided for in (EU) Regulation No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, in accordance with article R 211-6 of the Tourism Code. In the event of litigation between traders or commercial companies, the courts of Strasbourg alone shall be competent.


PURCHASES: All purchases made in situ are the sole responsibility of customers (for example: counterfeit and other articles ...).


CANCELLATION OF CRUISES BY CROISIEUROPE (article L 211-14 III of the Tourism Code): CroisiEurope reserves the right to cancel cruises for circumstances of force majeure, recurrent climatic or natural events (high tides and low tides, cyclones, etc.) or which may render it impossible to enjoy certain service provisions for reasons relating to passenger safety, and this at any time prior to departure, with no other obligation than to reimburse sums paid. In such a case, the customer may not claim any complementary indemnity. CroisiEurope shall, insofar as this is possible, offer the passenger a replacement cruise of equivalent value. The passenger shall be entitled, as he chooses, to take advantage of such replacement cruise or else receive a refund under the terms set out in these conditions. Should the passenger accept the replacement cruise, no reimbursement or payment of compensation shall take place. CroisiEurope reserves the right to cancel one or other cruise in the event of insufficient bookings; the customer may not claim any indemnity in this specific case. Cancellations due to insufficient participants must be notified by CroisiEurope to the traveller no later than:

- 20 days before the beginning of the journey or the stay in the event of journeys lasting more than six days,

- 7 days before the start of the journey or stay in the event of journeys lasting from two to six days,

- 48 hours before the beginning of the journey or the stay in the event of journeys not lasting more than two days.

The minimum number of participants is set at: 80 persons at least for the CroisiEurope cruises on ships having a capacity between 120 and 200 persons; a minimum of 50 persons for ships having a capacity between 70 and 120 persons; a minimum of 15 persons for the barge cruise on the French canals; 40 persons for the Mekong River cruises on board the RV INDOCHINE, 52 persons on board the RV INDOCHINE II, 38 persons on board the LAN DIEP, 24 persons on board the TOUM TIOU I, 18 persons on board the TOUM TIOU II; 12 persons for the Southern Africa cruises; and 48 persons for the Ganges, 90 persons for Nile river cruises and 25 persons for the pre- or post-programme extensions linked to a CroisiEurope cruise.


CHANGES TO PROGRAMMES, ITINERARIES AND TIMETABLES: In the event of strike, bad weather conditions endangering the operation of the vessel safely or extraordinary circumstances, as explained in the Recitals above EC Regulation or for any other legitimate reason, CroisiEurope may at all times and without notice, advance or delay a departure or a stopover or, if need be, change ports of call, and may not be held responsible to passengers in the event of cancellation, earlier or later departure or arrival, modification or substitution.

CroisiEurope may not be held responsible for any failure to abide by the arrival and departure times given in this brochure, and this regardless of the port of call. As part of the programming of the cruises on the Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa, we reserve the right to the ships captains, cruise directors, leaders and representatives of these premises to modify the itineraries and order of excursions in our programs at any given moment if circumstances demand it. Generally speaking, and this is the universal principal, the ship’s captain’s primary mission is the safety of passengers on board. Regardless of the ship or the destination, he is the sole master on board and may decide at any time to divert the ship or cancel a port of call. The ship’s captain may cancel the cruise or modify the itinerary of the cruise if he judges it appropriate to the interests of passengers and the safety of the vessel. Should the cruise be interrupted for reasons of force majeure, the customer shall be refunded for the days of the cruise not effected but may not claim any complementary indemnity. Should such modifications or cancellations of the voyage occur, Articles R 211-9 to R 211-10 of the Tourism Code shall apply. Possible unforeseen circumstances (civil or religious festivals, sporting events, political demonstrations, strikes, breakdowns, traffic jams, changes by government authorities, or other legitimate reason) may bring about modifications to visits or excursions for which CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible and which shall not permit the customer to request compensation. Some destinations are subject to particular meteorological and climatic conditions. Some ports of call may be reversed, curtailed or cancelled, particularly for the reasons stated above, without giving rise to indemnification. In the event of cancellation, excursions purchased on board shall be reimbursed. No other compensation shall be payable. A particular port of call cannot be taken to be the objective of a programme, which is intended to explore a region in a general way and discover the pleasures of sailing.


CHANGE IN CABIN CATEGORY OR NUMBER BY THE SHIPOWNER: For technical or operational reasons, river and maritime companies or ship-owners may allot the passenger a cabin other than the one set or chosen upon the reservation. In that event the new allotted cabin should be at least in the same category. Such change shall not be considered a valid cancellation reason for the client, nor a significant change in the contract and shall entitle to no compensation.



a) Changes / cancellations: Significant increases in rail and air traffic, events beyond our control (strikes, technical incidents, weather, pandemic, etc.) and safety imperatives make it sometimes impossible for airline and railway companies to adhere to their schedules. Delays—both on departure and return— are possible and are beyond the responsibility of the transporter, tour operator and travel agency. No other compensation, beyond what is strictly called for by applicable laws will be awarded, regardless of any professional or personal consequences incurred. It is therefore recommended to make allowances for reasonable delays, particularly for the return journey, in the event of important engagements or onward travel connections. Changes to times and dates, made by railway and airline companies, may take place both on departure and return and may shorten or extend the trip. CroisiEurope—acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the railway or airline company—will do its best to find the most convenient solution but may not be held responsible for any possible consequences of these delays or modifications. There shall be no compensation on the price of the cruise. Moreover, we are not liable for air or rail transfers that are not bought through the CroisiEurope tour operator. We recommend that our clients make their own pre- or post-travel arrangements and purchase flexible or refundable tickets. Cruises cannot be canceled if the reason is due to the client and connected to air or rail traffic. Most airlines have made online check-in mandatory on their websites the day before the flight (outward and return). Passengers are liable for making the confirmation themselves within the given deadline. Furthermore, CroisiEurope strongly recommends that passengers carry out these check-ins, even on companies for which this is not mandatory. Tickets issued within our programs or reserved directly by the client that are not used—whether on departure or return—may not be reimbursed, even if the trip is canceled or postponed. Giving up your seat in order to take a different plane or train does not constitute a valid reason for reimbursement of a non-used ticket, nor can it be used toward a new ticket. No claim for air travel leading to additional expenses (taxi, parking, hotels, reservation modifications, non-changeable tickets, etc.) shall result in any compensation being payable on site or upon return, including arrivals in a train station or airport that is different from that of departure (for example: Paris Orly, Paris Roissy).

b) Pre- and post-transfers:To organize pre- and post-transfer tours “from your home city to your meeting point or to the departure or arrival airport” by bus, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that that these bus transfers will only take place for a minimum of 20 people. In some cases, wait times may occur during transfers to take into account possible traffic or organizational needs. Applicable rates for air or railway travel to Paris or other cities from the city of residence apply only according to the conditions mentioned in our brochures and/or estimates (within the limit of availability in the designated reservation class). All expenses or repurchased tickets due to airline or railway delays during pre- and/or post-transfers caused by events outside of CroisiEurope’s liability are the sole responsibility of the client.

c) Identity of transport companies: In accordance with articles R211-15 of the Tourism Code regarding the obligation to inform passengers of the identity of airline companies, the client is informed of the identity of three de facto or contractual transport companies that are likely to provide the transport services. The seller shall inform the client of the effective airline company that will carry out the flight(s). This information shall be provided at the latest eight days before the date scheduled in the transport contract or when the contract is signed if signature takes place less than eight days prior to the travel date. If the identity of the transport company is changed, the client shall be informed at the latest upon check in.

d) Ticket: Travel tickets issued by airlines and railway companies, or their countermarks, are the only contract between them and the client. The client is responsible for his/her travel ticket and hence must assume the consequences of its loss, theft or destruction without CroisiEurope being held responsible.

e) Baggage: Baggage limits are generally 23 kg per person on regular flights and 18 kg per person on charter flights. Excess baggage charges are to be paid directly to the company during check-in. To transport bulky items (wheelchairs, breathing apparatus, strollers etc.), you must inform us when registering. Additional charges may apply according to the airline company. Some airline companies charge for assistance at airports and on-board services. If baggage is not delivered or is damaged by the airline, the client must immediately inform the competent authority in the arrival airport and complete a loss or damage report. Then, in order to be eligible for compensation, the passenger must send this report to the airline company within a maximum of seven days, with all original documents requested. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of all the originals sent. The airline company will not deal with the request if this process is not respected and the original documents are not presented. CroisiEurope—acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the airline company—will do its best to find the most suitable solution but may not be held liable for any possible consequences of lost or damaged baggage. No compensation shall be provided by CroisiEurope.

f) Responsibility of carriers: The consequences of accidents / incidents which may occur during airline transport are governed by the provisions of the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions or local regulations governing domestic transport in the country concerned.

g) Refund of air taxes: In case of non-use the plane ticket for whatever reason, taxes airport fees are refundable to travelers on their request within 30 days and free of charge for any request online. For any reimbursement request outside line, CroisiEurope will charge 20% maximum amount refunded.


RESPONSIBILITY OF PASSENGERS: Each passenger (or, if the passenger is a minor, his parents or guardians) is responsible and undertakes to compensate the company for any damage to furniture, equipment or other items owned by the boat, for damage in hotels or on airplanes used by the passenger as part of his trip. Each passenger (or, if the passenger is a minor, his parents or guardians) is responsible and undertakes to compensate the company for all fines or contraventions imposed upon the company owing to an act, omission or violation of a law, whether it be a voluntary act or not on the part of the passenger. Passports must be in order for the countries through which the ship passes. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure the validity and conformity of his passport.


RESPONSIBILITY OF CROISIEUROPE: As an organizer of cruises, shipowner and charterer, CroisiEurope’s obligations are defined by the combined provisions of the Tourism Code, those specifically applicable to the navigation of the boat assigned to the cruise and, in the absence of such a law, those of the law of June 15, 1895 on the reports of private law in navigation interior. Articles L.211-16 et seq. Of the Tourism Code regulate the responsibility of the organizer, and the terms exemption from it. CroisiEurope’s responsibility can only be engaged because of the crew or of the boat. Any anomalies must be reported to the purser. CroisiEurope cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by passengers ashore, when the latter are not under his authority or supervision. CroisiEurope therefore does not bear any responsibility in the event any accident or damage of which the passenger may to be a victim. It will be up to the latter to take responsibility of the local operator, with no possibility of recourse against CroisiEurope. In the same way, all additional services (transport, accommodation, transfers, etc.) reserved in addition to the cruising is not his responsibility. The limitation of CroisiEurope’s liability for personal injury is 2,000,000 SDR (SDR: Special Drawing Rights: currency international) sure the boats of the fleet CroisiEurope, in accordance with the rules of the Strasbourg Convention (CLNI 2012) on the limitation of liability of boat owners.


OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE: In its capacity as organiser, CroisiEurope will provide as soon as possible in the circumstances of the case, appropriate assistance to the traveller in difficulty in accordance with articles L 211-17-1 and R 211-11 of the Tourism Code. The nature of this assistance is specified by article R 211-11 of the Tourism Code reproduced above.


CROISIEUROPE INSURANCE: Regarding the civil liability of CroisiEurope in respect of passengers and third parties, CroisiEurope is insured for bodily and material accidents by a “Protection and Indemnity Club (P&I)” guarantee. Regarding the professional civil liability of the cruise organiser, the latter is insured pursuant to the provisions of the Tourism Code. The contract covers underwritten by Allianz within the guaranteed type of damage, per claim and per insurance year the injury to the tune of 20,000,000 € , property damage and consequential damage to the tune of 10,000,000 € professional liability up to 15,000,000 € (for all injury, damage and consequential). Professional civil liability insurance: insurance policy no. 56004456 Financial cover provided by A.P.S.T. – 15, Avenue Carnot – 75017 Paris – France.


OPTIONAL INSURANCES AND ASSISTANCE GUARANTEE - REPATRIATION: Clients have the option of taking out an insurance policy covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation, damage to luggage, personal liability abroad and interruption of stay, by means of the registration form or the sales contract. The general conditions of these insurance contracts are available on request from the insurer. These contracts contain limits of cover, exclusions, excesses and obligations in the event of a claim. Clients are therefore advised to read them carefully. In any event, only the insurance company concerned shall be liable to the Client in respect of the performance of the said contracts; the Client shall then have a direct legal relationship with the company. Apart from these optional insurances, a medical repatriation / personal assistance insurance is included free of charge in all our cruises and trips.


GENERAL INFORMATION: All the information published in our brochures concerning timetables, itineraries and hotel and ship facilities were correct at the time the brochure was published and may be subject to modifications. In such cases, customers will be advised of any such amendments at the booking stage. Maps, photographs and illustrations are provided purely for guidance purposes and are not contractual.


PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: In accordance the provisions relating to the protection of personal data (“RGDP”), the information provided to CroisiEurope by its co-contracting party have the purpose of allowing the processing of their order and execution of the various related services. For these purposes, your personal data may thus be transferred to our partners established in third States. We only do call for partners guaranteeing a level of protection in accordance with the principles enshrined in the GDPR. With your consent, and with the exception of sensitive data that we collect for passenger safety and that we do not in any case pass on to third parties, this data may also be used to address you promotional or commercial offers for a period of three years (by email or post). For these purposes, this information may be stored, processed and transferred by CroisiEurope to internal services of the company and to third parties (such as transport companies, insurance, banks, customs authorities, receptive providers, subcontractor, technical subcontractors), including outside the Union European as well as in countries without a level of protection equivalent to that of the European Union. These third parties will not be able to access this personal data only for the needs related to their service, or on instruction from CroisiEurope internal services for needs related to aforementioned purposes in strict compliance with the applicable legislation in data security. The customer’s opposition to the collection and processing of his data, including understood through a transfer to third parties of their data personal information necessary for the sale or execution of a package and services that depend on it, would make it impossible to execute any or part of the sales contract by CroisiEurope. Each client has a strictly personal right of access, rectification and opposition for legitimate reasons to the information on concerning that he may exercise with CroisiEurope - Service Customer Relations, 12 rue de la Division Leclerc in 67000 STRASBOURG, by attaching a copy of proof of identity to their written request. In the event of a malfunction in your treatment request, you can enter the data protection officer (DPO):; or the CNIL (; 3 Place de Fontenoy - TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07). In addition, each client can object to communications of CroisiEurope and / or its partners by clicking on the opposition link or by following the opposition procedure appearing on commercial emails or text messages or by writing to the address of the Customer Relations Department mentioned above. Else each customer has the right to subscribe to the list opposing telephone canvassing (Bloctel). CroisiEurope performs visit statistics on its sites as well as targeted advertising tailored to your interests. The site explains our policy in terms of personal data and cookies.



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