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Published on :   05/01/2023

An authentic and intimate experience sailing along French canals

Let yourself be carried away as you experience an intimate and authentic journey along the canals of France.

An authentic look at France along the water

Embark on a unique slow-paced cruise in complete tranquillity along the canals of France onboard our barges. Take part in a gourmet and cultural itinerary in the heart of nature, charming villages, and French traditions.

Our cruises on French canals are characterized by an incomparably gentle way of life, revealing places most travellers never see. Highly exclusive, these hand-curated itineraries travel through the most beautiful regions of France, taking passengers to the heart of picturesque, authentic villages while taking the time to discover the charm of the “Joie de Vivre” in a different light. 

Barges with unmatched comfort and conviviality 

Our fleet of six barges, whose designs are based on the historic “Freycinet” which were used to transport goods along the waterways, offer you the opportunity to venture deep into Alsace-Lorraine, Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Provence and the Camargue, Champagne and the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. Their small size enables them to fit into locks and inclined plans along the way. 

With a capacity of just 22 passengers, the keyword onboard is conviviality. Six crew members look after our guests, so it is no surprise that the attention to detail and personalised services are the norm onboard. 

Our six barges are among the most modern in Europe, with warm and contemporary interiors, modern design, and a high level of comfort. The 11 cabins have all the necessary amenities you could ask for: bathroom with shower, a space-saving TV that folds up into the ceiling, an interior telephone, a safe and individual air conditioning. They also all have a canal view that allows you to admire the landscape at any time of the journey and guarantee an exceptional stay on board, in the trend of "slow tourism.”

The common areas allow you to meet, talk and share with the other passengers. At any time, it is possible to relax on the terrace or in the Lounge Bar, sipping a cocktail or your favourite drink onboard while enjoying the view through the glass windows.

The peaceful and slow-paced rhythm of the navigation is conducive to relaxation and invites passengers to the Sun Deck with its deckchairs or the terrace, equipped with a Jacuzzi, to comfortably admire the scenery of the most beautiful landscapes of France. 

Local gastronomy in the spotlight

Meals are served in the restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional and refined French cuisine. The set menus are all based around French, local cuisine, prepared by our chefs under the direction of Alain Bohn, member of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Our talented chefs will be happy to serve you three meals a day, along with included cocktails, all inclusive drinks and a selection of the best wines of France.

Close to the French terroir and local markets, our chefs offer elaborate dishes and typical specialties prepared from regional products. It is not rare to see local producers supplying the barges during a stopover or when passing through a lock. 

“Slow tourism”, another way to discover the world 

In the age of speed and technology, slow tourism is a way of travelling sustainably at a slow pace, allowing you to appreciate each moment of a cultural and authentic experience. A return to the roots that allows you to soak up the environment and to be amazed by the most beautiful things nature has to offer. Therefore, during stopovers, take advantage of the bicycles available on board - cycling along the towpaths or into town, or set off to discover the many pedestrian and hiking paths. Meander through timeless rural places at a leisurely pace and enjoy our small-group cultural excursions.

Scenic landscapes, enchanting areas all along the way, places full of history that make up the magnificence of the French heritage and local specialties that will amaze your taste buds! This is the promise of a cruise along the canals of France.

In 2023, why not explore France along tranquil canals?

Discover our exclusive itineraries and come and recharge your batteries during a peaceful journey far from the hustle and bustle of the world.

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