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Fascinating Southern Africa

Southern Africa is a mix of diverse cultures and countries.

From Cape Town to Victoria Falls, Johannesburg to Chobe National Park and Lake Kariba, this part of the continent tells an atypical tale—heavily marked by the abolition of apartheid as recently as the 1990s, with breathtaking scenery as the habitat for the most astounding animals in the world. CroisiEurope will accompany you step-by-step during your unforgettable cruise and your extravagant safari adventure.

Did you know that the Swahili word “safari” means journey? Your journey will begin in the mesmerizing Chobe National Park. The Chobe River itself runs alongside the park and forms the natural border between Botswana and Namibia, creating an immense marshland of lakes, rivers, and flooded plains. The largest elephant herds in the world are found here. They share the land with big cats, zebras, buffaloes, antelopes, and birds—which you’ll be able to observe during the morning and evenings while on Jeep or boat tours.

On board the African Dream, your cruise on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe will provide spellbinding and rich memories. The legend of the river god Nyaminyami haunts the tales told within the valley and along the river bends. We’ll explore the lake area on foot or water safaris, the best way to discover up close the diverse vegetation and wildlife.

Contrary to the wild, Johannesburg is a large South African city of 12 million inhabitants, forever marked by its combat with apartheid and its emblematic leader, Nelson Mandela. The house he lived in from 1946 to 1962, before being imprisoned, is now a must-see museum in Soweto Township. The revolt against segregation was born in this neighborhood; nowadays, its inhabitantscelebrate the city’s grand ethnic diversity regardless of its somber history.

Nelson Mandela also left his mark on another South African city at the very tip of the continent: Cape Town, set against the backdrop of Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean.