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Published on :   27/07/2017

Where to river cruise next?

No matter what time of the year it is, there is always something to be seen, visited or explored in our big great world!

Months and seasons may go by but only to bring new charms to unchanging destinations in Europe or the rest of the world. Here are our tips to book your next 2018 and 2019 European holiday!

From February and March: discover beautiful Venice, for an intimate journey at the heart of an ancient city. Get lost, explore forgotten paths and be prepared… maybe you could stumble upon an intriguing masked silhouette during the Venetian Carnival.

In April: be in Holland and witness nature’s marvel at work. Be where millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths flourish, filling the air with incomparable fragrances and changing the ground into oceans of pure colours.

From May to June: why wouldn’t you indulge yourself with the sunny weather of Spain and southern Europe? It is indeed the perfect moment to enjoy the exhilarating Spanish culture and Southerners’ warm welcome. Go on your summer holidays before actual summer!

In July, August and September: come back to our dearest and beloved France – the most beautiful country on Earth (if you please ;-)). Whether you’re planning on visiting Bordeaux prestigious Vineyards, wandering in gorgeous Provence countryside or sailing along the Rhône River, you will genuinely feel at home.

In October: book a trip down the Rhine River and stopover each and every country on the way. From Amsterdam to Strasbourg, you will see many extraordinary culturally rich cities and finish off your journey in picturesque Alsace – hometown of CroisiEurope, just at the right time for grape-harvest.

In November to December: Christmas Markets’ sensations await you with their share of traditional chants and festive decorations. This winter wonderland shall find no end; at least until New Year’s celebrations, all together ready for 365 brand new days…

Lastly: don’t forget our hiking and biking cruises!

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