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Published on :   20/05/2016

Visit Croatia on a cruise for a holiday in paradise

Since 2007, CroisiEurope has been offering Croatia cruises on the ship 'La Belle de l’Adriatique'. A holiday in Croatia is about discovering extraordinary cultural and historic sites and stunningly beautiful, untouched nature. A cruise along the Croatian coast is a wonderful way to explore stunning scenery and the ancient history of Croatia. Let’s find out what’s in store for you on a Croatia cruise!

Croatia facts and figures

Size: 56,542km² = 4 times smaller than the United Kingdom

Population: 4.4 million

Capital: Zagreb (population: 800,000)

Number of Islands: 1,185, 66 of which are inhabited

Currency: Kuna (10HRK = £1,02) Language: Croatian

Kako ste? = How are you?

Sretan put! = Enjoy your trip!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Euphrasian Basilica Plitvice Lakes National Park

Croatia with CroisiEurope

Wondering what you will see on a Croatian cruise with CroisiEurope? Find out about all the towns and islands you will be able to admire:

DUBROVNIK: also called the Pearl of the Adriatic, this medieval city is renowned for its distinctive architecture. Churches, monasteries, cathedrals and fortresses all shape the city, where the Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles coexist in perfect harmony. No visit to Dubrovnik is complete without a stroll down the main street of the old town, called 'Stradun'. You will be swept away by its distinctive beauty.

MLJET: discover the breathtaking beauty of this Mediterranean island. Legend has it that Ulysses could not leave the island for 7 years. Mljet is made up of untouched forest over 72% of its surface. It also houses the Malo Jezero ('little lake in Croatian) and Veliko Jezero ('big lake') lakes. A monastery is located in the centre one of the two lakes, a haven of peace and retreat in the heart of untouched nature.

KORKULA: this unusually-shaped island - 47km length and only 6 to 8 km wide - is the sixth biggest in the Adriatic Sea. A typical medieval town of the same name lies nested between the green slopes of the island and the deep blue sea. With its varied landscape and major monuments, such as St. Mark’s Cathedral - a homage to the stone masons of times gone by - a visit to Korkula never disappoints.

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