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Published on :   15/01/2020

The 5 unmissable stopovers on a Rhine river cruise

The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium

The Keukenhof Flower Park

Among the excursions offered during a cruise in the Netherlands, the tour of the Keukenhof is the most colourful and scented. What used to be 15th Century Countess Jacoba van Beieren’s former vegetable garden, is now a wonderful 32 hectares flower garden (open from 21 March until 16 May) located not far from Amsterdam. It is today considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Tulips, orchids, roses, irises: more than 7 million bulb flowers are planted every year. This little paradise is fabulous collection of flowers that is a treat to admire. It offers the promise of an enchanting display of spectacular beauty.

The Keukenhof

The Amsterdam Canals

A cruise through Holland is automatically associated to them: a historic and cultural symbol, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage sites, they wonderful Canals of Amsterdam stretch over more than 100 kilometers and dotted with 1,500 bridges. Created in half moon shape all around the old town during the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th Century, their reflection is caught on the building fronts and facades of the houses all along, like nowhere else. The charming and romantic vibe they ooze, let visits travel in time to the heart of the spellbinding “Venice of the North”.  


Rotterdam's architecture 

Contemporary architecture buffs will enjoy taking the opportunity to admire Rotterdam on a river cruise in Holland. The largest sea port in Europe, this modern and buzzing metropolis, mainly built after the Second World War, has a remarkable architecture. From the "Kijk kubus", the amazing cube shaped houses, to the elegant Erasmus Bridge, not forgetting the covered "Markthal" market, the museums, art galleries and the Euromast Tower, which offers a great view of the city, Rotterdam’s boldness, originality and variety never fail to impress visitors. A tour of Rotterdam and a river cruise are a fantastic way to discover the Netherlands differently. 

Holland and Belgium cruises

Cologne Cathedral 

A true gothic art masterpiece, Cologne Cathedral is well worth a visit on a Rhine river cruise. This magnificent and imposing building is 157 meters high. Its construction started in the 13th Century and was completed 600 years later. It is located in the heart of the German metropolis, one of the oldest ones in the country. The Cathedral features a harmonious combination of power and grace, and is packed with precious treasures, including gorgeous stained windows, stalls and an endless list of religious artefacts, like the Shrine of the Three Kings given to Cologne by Frederick Barbarossa.

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Ruben’s House in Antwerp

Our river cruises between Belgium and Holland lets you discover a thousand wonders, including Rubens House in Antwerp Rubenshuis. The great baroque painter is unanimously associated with the flemish city, where he spent a large portion of his life and where his masterpieces are omnipresent. This house is a real little palace with an imposing architecture and rich furniture. It is more than a museum: it reflects the wide range of the artist’s genius, bearing in mind that he drew the plans of the house, and puts the spotlight on his and his students legacy, through a prestigious collection of paintings and sculptures.