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Published on :   03/06/2016

Strasbourg in the Trip Advisor French destinations Top 10

Strasbourg comes in at number 7 in Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Top 10 French destinations, which makes the city very proud. And that’s not all: in the Top 10 of France's most popular tourist sites, Strasbourg's Notre-Dame Cathedral comes 8th! Let’s find out what makes the capital of the north-eastern region of Alsace, which occupies a very special place in CroisiEurope’s heart, so popular.

Let’s start with a tour of Strasbourg

The capital of both Europe and Alsace, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and is where CroisiEurope was born. The Rhine cruise from the city was the very first itinerary offered by the company in 1976, and remains the most iconic destination today. The ship named for the founder of the company, the MS Gérard Schmitter, has sailed the Rhine since 2012 and is a tribute to the man, who launched river cruising on many of France's watercourses.

Strasbourg is a lively, thriving and exciting city. Whether you’re a history buff, a culture lover, a foodie or craving to discover natural wonders, you will fall in love with this major French city and its charming surroundings.

The historic centre of the city, called “Grande île” (the “big island” in French - it is encircled by the river “l’Ill”), is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Strolling its narrow cobbled streets, you will marvel at the timbered houses, and canals that make it one of the most picturesque places in France and Europe. Each area has its own identity inspired from its heritage and people. For instance, the "Petite France" is one of the most beautiful places in Strasbourg and, at the end of the 15th Century, was a hospital quarter where soldiers returning from Italy were treated for various diseases. The area surrounding the Cathedral has always been the historic heart of Strasbourg, containing all the major sites related the consecutive rulers. It is the city's most famous area, with:

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, an architectural treasure, once the tallest building in Europe

The Kammerzell house, a tall timbered building, very nicely decorated in the purest local tradition

The former “Pharmacie du Cerf”, France’s first practising chemist until the year 2000, when it closed. Legend has it that people used to measure their weight by standing between its wall and the handily placed pillar outside the chemist.

Nature lovers will love strolling in the “Parc de l’Orangerie”, situated right next to the European Quarter. It has 26 hectares of trees, floral arrangements, statues dating back to Napoleon’s time, with a small lake in the middle. A peaceful retreat in a busling city!

On the culinary front, we have decided to put together a foodie guide in the local dialect known as “Alsacien”. All the tastiest and most irresistible local specialties are listed here!

A quick “Alsacien” lesson

Sa getz?”: How are you

A “Stueck”: a small piece

A "Schlouk": a sip

"Flammekueche": you may have heard of this before: it is the famous “tarte flambée” in French, a round, flat dough base with crème fraiche, onions and tiny bits of bacon. A delight!

"Spaetzle": the Alsace's take on pasta, made of flour, eggs and salt

"Bibeleskaes": crème fraiche with garlic and chives seasoning, served with potatoes, lettuce and the local cheese known as “Munster”.

"Baeackeoffe": meaning “Baker’s oven”, this is a traditional Alsacien dish, with meat and marinated vegetables. Legend has it that housewives used to prepare the dish before going out to the field, dropping it off at the bakery on the way for it to be cooked.

"Yoh!" : used to express any strong emotion

"Hopla": used to emphasise a sentence or story

"Spritzer": splash or spray