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Published on :   30/10/2016

Russia on a Volga cruise: the best way to explore fascinating history and unique scenery

CroisiEurope has been offering 11 and 12-day Volga cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg for many years. The rich and varied programmes open the door to Russia’s past, present and future. Those who are passionate about Russia, the language and its influence, the culture and its fascinating history and world-famous literature won't be disappointed. Let's find out why cruise lovers should embark on a Russian trip.

Russia through its rivers

To truly appreciate the majesty of Russia, nothing beats a Volga cruise. The river and its great lakes reflect how immense the country is. Most travellers go for the itinerary taking them from St. Petersburg to Moscow; others decide to travel from Moscow all the way to Astrakhan; others still opt to cruise the Volga’s tributaries. Whichever route you choose for your holiday in Russia, you will dive into a country of fascinating traditions and take in its varied geography.

On one shore excursion after another, you will explore Moscow, Russia’s capital city, and Saint-Petersburg, the former capital and Peter the Great’s imperial residence. Following the footsteps of the first Slavic tribes, you will discover the Russian Golden Ring and the wooden Karelian architecture in Kiji. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will learn about the historic and religious foundations of what used to be one of the biggest empires in the world. You will also gain an understanding of the daily life of the Russian people, with its huge contrast between cities and countryside, boasting magnificent palaces, beautiful churches and small traditional izbas.

The two sides of Russia

Founded at the crossroads between East and West, Russia is a multi-faceted, diverse nation. This diversity can be found on building facades, churches and bell towers and in the rivalry between its two great European cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Lying between Europe and the Great North, Siberia and the vast corridor of the Ural mountains, Russia is a nation at the heart of Eurasia. It has a profoundly rich cultural and intellectual history, an ancestral traditional so deeply ingrained in every aspect of modern life that it remains as relevant today as in the past.


St. Petersburg, the imperial city, is the window to Europe and was built to both rival and imitate great European cities such as Amsterdam and Venice. Moscow, meanwhile, is the guardian of the nation’s oldest values, though in recent years has been transformed by the modern trend for renovation and renewal and colossal financial investment. The result is a mix reminiscent of both Istanbul and New York!

Did you know?

Boats sailing the Moscow Canal pass through six locks to reach the Volga river or the capital city. The first lock is located where the Volga meets the Moscow Canal. The level change reaches 11 meters. At the second lock you are greeted by towers depicting representations of Russian customs officials. The third and fourth locks take the boat up a further eight meters. The fifth lock has a distinct, elaborate architectural style. The last lock is decorated with sculpted figures representing workmen, Gulag prisoners and the people who built the canal itself.


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