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Published on :   14/11/2018

Bresse Chicken with potatoe crust 

Main dish for 6 people 

Preparation and cooking time: 1h30


1.5kg potatoes with firm flesh (for instance Charlotte type)

100gr round shallots

50gr rave celeriac 

50gr fresh carrots

50gr fresh leeks

25cl liquid cream

100gr soft white bread

30gr flat parsley

100gr Périgord black truffles (melanosporum)

5dl red Porto

5dl Madeira

300gr fresh duck foie gras

1.8kg AOC Bresse chicken

125gr Bresse butter

250gr fresh chicken breasts

200gr mini girolle mushrooms

3 eggs (size 55/60)

5dl honey vinegar

3gr caster sugar

75cl red wine

Cooking juice

Freshly ground salt and pepper 


Wash and peel the potatoes. Set aside in a bowl of cold water.

Wash and peel all the vegetables. Cut the carrots, celeriac and leek into small dice. Blanch and reserve.

Trim the bread and soak it in the cream.

Wash and coarsely chop the parsley.  

Poach the truffles in Porto and Madeira, cut them into sticks.

Cut the foie gras into small slices, then golden in a pan.

Remove the bones from the chicken.

Cut the chicken supremes into thin slices.  

Season the chopped challots with freshly ground salt and pepper. 

Chop the chicken thighs with a food processor. 

Prepare a brown poultry stock with the chicken carcass. 

In order to prepare the stuffing, mix the chopped chicken thighs with the eggs, bread, vegetables, cream, truffles and parsley.

Emulsify one third of the chicken breasts with a cutter and incorporate the stuffing.

Cut the potatoes in thin strips with a kitchen mandolin. Place them in the shape of rosacea on paper cling film, place the stuffing, then the foie gras, and close the parcel. Settle in cold. Golden the rosacea in butter. Clarify. Finish the cooking in the oven, 160°C for 12 minutes. 

Place on a warm plate with the truffle chicken stock. Place the girolle mushrooms all around it.