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Published on :   12/06/2015

Naples and The Almalfi Coast: CroisiEurope’s Mediterranean cruise destination

Since 2007, CroisiEurope has offered coastal and maritime cruises through Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Italy. In 2015, CroisiEurope put together a new itinerary to offer you sunshine in winter: a Naples cruise, along the Amalfi coast, the Ionian Islands, Sicily and Calabria. From November 2015 until April 2016, live the Dolce Vita onboard the MS Belle de l’Adriatique.

Naples: a city of many faces

The picturesque and lively city of Naples is where your cruise will begin and end. Founded by the Greeks, this city has a rich history built over time and with the influence of various invaders. Its centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the home of some of the most beautiful architectural treasures of the 18th Century. The magnificently decorated and furnished Royal Palace was one of the four Bourbon residences during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and as such plunges you into Italy’s fascinating past. The Cappella Sansevero chapel is an internationally-recognised architectural gem and a baroque masterpiece, housing a large number of works of art.

After Naples, the cruise will take you to Pompeii. It is impossible to resist the charms of its narrow streets, temples and forums. This city, destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and preserved under volcanic sediments, is a journey back to the origins of western civilisation. Like Pompeii, Herculanum is one of the few places where you can experience the atmosphere of daily life in ancient Rome and discover the architecture of the time. The murals and mosaics on the walls of patrician villas testify to the luxury and beauty of these places, which were very popular with rich romans.

Onward to Sicily, Calabria and the Amalfi coast

On the 3rd day, the ship will sail from Naples to Sicily and Calabria. First it will cruise the Aeolian Islands – Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, Stromboli, Filicudi and Alicudi - located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, near Milazzo where you will disembark. According to Greek legend, Aeolus, god of the wind, hid there and gave his name to the islands. Classed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, these islands are remarkably beautiful, with crystal clear sea and unique wildlife, sure to delight scuba divers.

Taormine is another spectacular site to discover in Sicily. Dotted with beautiful monuments surrounded by wonderful gardens, this charming city is also famous for having been the filming location of Luc Besson’s The Big Blue, and offers a breathtaking view of Etna. This volcano, the tallest active one on the European continent, is also part of the excursion programme.

At the toe of the Italian boot, in the far south of Italy, a visit to Calabria is a must. With the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea on either side and separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina, this region was ones known as the Magna Graecia. Tropea, Capo Vaticano and Pizzo, are full of amazing places to discover, landscapes to admire and exciting history to delve into.

It is eventually time to return to Naples to explore the gems of the Amalfi coast. With its lush vegetation, lovely perched villages, and transparent sea, there is no better way to experience the Italian Dolce Vita. Enjoy a walk in Sorrento, famous for its magnificent gardens, a delight for nature lovers. The excursion to the Island of Capri, reached via seaplane, is one of the highlights of this Mediterranean cruise. You will visit the small town of Anacapri to see the San Michele villa, former home of the Swedish writer Axel Munthe. Built at the end of the 19th Century, the villa was converted into a museum and became a cultural and artistic focal point, attracting many tourists. Surrounded by a garden of rare beauty, it offers a panoramic view of the city of Capri, the Bay of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula and the Mount Vesuvius. Those who would like to continue their Italian trip can go for an optional 3-day extension in Rome.

Embark on a cruise with a blend of fresh air, sea sun and all things Italian!

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