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Published on :   11/02/2015

Find Your Inner Peace - Top 10 Most Relaxing Places in Europe

After a stressful and hectic holiday season, nothing sounds better than relaxing and renewing your mind. If you are trying to attain inner peace again, consider taking a CroisiEurope cruise to one of the most relaxing locations in Europe:

Belgium, Brussels

Although Belgium experienced a crisis within its government during the 2008-2011 period, homicide and imprisonment rates are now incredibly low. According to the Global Peace Index, Belgium is one of the best and most peaceful places to live in Europe and in the world. Belgium's medieval cities, majestic castles, and spectacular natural beauty will surely put you in a tranquil and grateful state of mind.

Budapest, Hungary

Situated in Central Hungary on the banks of the Danube River, this city is also called the "capital of freedom." There is proper law and order maintained throughout the city, ensuring that visitors and residents feel protected and peaceful. With its famous spas and waterways, Budapest is also considered the most beautiful city in Europe.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

With a wealth of natural beauty, Croatia has become sought-after as both a tourist destination and a retirement spot. The Eastern European retreat is charming, affordable, and incredibly safe for travelers and residents. The coastal city of Dubrovnik offers the best of the Adriatic with its slow pace of life, stunning scenery, and rich culture.

Capri, Italy

The town of Capri is famous in Naples and Amalfi for Coast holiday vacations and is one of the Mediterranean Sea’s must-see places. The top attraction of Capri island is the renowned Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurram, where beautiful and serene bays are found across the entire island. There are only two towns on the island, making it a private and peaceful getaway.

Southern France

With one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Southern France can be both pleasant and practical for travelers. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty, temperate climate, country life in rural villages, rich history, and stress-relieving benefits of spending time in nature.

Madeira, Portugal

On the island of Madeira, you will find your inner peace again as you are hundreds of miles away from the rest of civilization. This sub-tropical hideaway lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the Garden in the Atlantic due to its lush flora and fauna. Travelers can visit blooming botanical gardens, play a round of golf, enjoy dramatic island vistas, and take a soak in natural, ocean-side lava pools.

Vienna, Austria

Travelers can experience the benefits of both city and country life in scenic Austria, with nearby hiking and trips up to the breathtaking Alps. Its capital Vienna is known for its high quality of life, which makes it perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. There are also many stunning lake districts in Europe, and all intrinsically offer opportunities for relaxing getaways, such as the Salzkammergut area.  

Munich, Germany

While Munich has fascinating sites such as attractive Gothic architecture and a royal palace, one of the best things to do in the city is lounge around in the various beer gardens. As you wander through Munich’s stunning and expansive English Garden, its lush beauty will renew your mind. German efficiency and orderliness also makes this city clean, easy to navigate, and an overall pleasant place to visit. 

If you need to unwind and clear your mind, escaping to a new and refreshing place is the ideal way to do it. Let CroisiEurope take you to one of Europe's most peaceful places so you can get the peace and quiet you need! For additional cruise information, click here.