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Published on :   10/02/2017

Cambodia, one step into the uncharted

In 2012, we shared with you one of our greatest prides: a cruise at the world’s end on the shores of the Mekong River. You greeted the news with great passion and enthusiasm.

Five years later, our ships are still taking you from Vietnam to Cambodia and you are more and more to join us on this incredible journey. On this occasion, we would like to reopen our travel journals and recall our first trip in Asia.

Once returned to the ship and its comfort, it is now time to sail to Cambodia. In these new lands, your first stop will bring you through the capital, Phnom Penh. Although is the city continually expanding, it has managed to preserve the remnants of its past.

Here we celebrate the Khmer Era with the greatest opulence. More than 90 kilograms of gold and no less than 2 087 diamonds are present on one and only Buddha statue. The Palace of Fines Arts and the Royal Palace are also made of pure gold to honour the Khmer tradition.

And yet, not so far from all these marvels, the indelible vestiges of a long history under Pol Pot mark everyone’s mind and heart.

Embark again and slowly sail towards the Tonlé Sap Lake, true haven of peace and tranquility. On those calm water, cross the path of fishermen and improbable crafts on the way to floating villages. Then continue your journey in Kampong Chhnang, this important fishing harbour and heart of the artisanal pottery.

In Kampong Tralach, the ox carts will take you in the heart of a small typical village, where the children laugh and the elders smile for a moment out of time. Then, in Koh Chen, visit a traditional school and meet their teacher, a kind and amazing person which clear skills in French.

The discovery of the country ends up in triumph with the visit of all the treasures of Angkor, land of the gods. Built from the 9th century to the 15th, during the golden age of the city, those temples are dedicated to Buddha and Vishu. They can be found in the very heart of the invasive jungle and still remain one of the greatest archaeological sites on Earth. Only the structures built with stone stood the test of time and are today recovered by trees and flowers, thus creating a master-piece of mixed art and nature.

Venture so deep into uncharted territories is not a thing to be taken lightly. Following the run of the Mekong River takes you where the time has stopped centuries ago. Each village, market and monument is the result of an unchanging and inimitable culture.

When traveling on the Mekong River, we not only explore new countries or contemplate a few breath-taking sceneries. No, over-there we just feel like we’ve never come that far.