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Published on :   26/01/2022

What to bring on a CroisiEurope cruise

When a person goes on a cruise, they are usually asked two things: “Where are you going?” and “How long is the cruise?” But most important question should be, “What are you going to bring?” River Cruises are more scenic and less tedious than Ocean Cruises. CroisiEurope offers a unique and memorable experience, all at an affordable rate. Your price is all inclusive on board, meaning drinks and meals are on us – but there are still some things you may want to think about bringing.

We’ll send you travel documents, about 3-4 weeks prior to embarkation, electronically. These will include your embarkation vouchers, vouchers for your excursions, and docking location of the ship. It is a good idea to review these before you leave home, and bring along a paper or digital version – or both!

Our cozy cabins have the same comforts of most hotels seen throughout Europe. Because of the size of our vessels, it is advised you pack enough weather appropriate clothes for your journey, as there is no launderette on board. It is advisable to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt, in the event the weather turns cooler than expected. It is a good idea to dress in layers, so that you can adjust as the day goes on, through changing weather. While we offer a limited selection of umbrellas on board for the unexpected rainfall, you may want to pack some rain gear (collapsible umbrella, poncho, rain jacket, water resistant shoes). Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes – we’ll be out touring some of Europe’s most memorable sites. Some religious structures may require modest clothing, so remember to bring clothing that will cover your shoulders and knees. You also want to pack a nice outfit for the Gala Dinner.

Many guests will most likely want to capture their experience on film, so remember your cell phone or tablet charger so you can recharge at the end of the day. To make sure your items can operate safely, you will have to travel with a European adapter, that will fit in a Type C outlet. These are standard in Europe and have two round prongs. Electricity on board is 220 V, so make sure your electronics can handle this voltage. 

It is important that you bring any medicines, supplements, or vitamins to keep safely in the cabin while on board. If any of your medication requires refrigeration, please notify the crew on board, so they can arrange proper storage. While you may be able to find Pharmacy in port, purchasing O.T.C. (over the counter) medicine is not as easy like in the United States.

You may want to consider bringing an additional carry-on bag that will fit your souvenirs, this way you may not have to stuff your gifts back in your suitcase. You may even find a new “carry on bag” as a souvenir. It is a good idea to bring as little cash when traveling as possible. Most businesses in Europe will accept credit cards, and local currencies can be acquired while overseas. In the event you really enjoyed the tour guide for your excursion, you may want to extend an additional “thank you” and offer a gratuity in cash (Euros). And don’t forget, gratuities specifically for the crew on board, will be paid at the end of your cruise, in cash (Euros), and they are suggested as 10 Euros per guest, each day of your voyage.

I think we’ve covered the most fundamental things to bring with you for your CroisiEurope cruise. You can refer to the list below for additional items you may bring. Overall, if you ever forget an item you cannot function without, you can always check in with the front desk on board and they can assist you in getting the item(s) you may need if you have forgotten. But you may enjoy yourself so much, you won’t even remember what it is you forgot at home, and you will remember your journey with us for years to come!

Suggested Packing List :

•   Travel Documents

•   Travel-Sized Toiletries (no need for hair dryer)

•   Comfortable shoes – 2 pairs

•   A stylish/fashionable outfit for the Gala

•   Rain poncho or jacket

•   Sweatshirt or Light Jacket (for cooler weather)

•   Charger for electronic items

•   European Adapter for Type C outlet

•   Medicine / Vitamins / eyeglasses (prescription meds, Inhaler, Aspirin or Naprosyn, antacids, band-aids, ointment, etc) all travel sized.

•   Small amount of currency

•   Additional Carry-On bag for your souvenirs