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Published on :   12/06/2016

The Bordeaux Wine Trail

The MS Cyrano de Bergerac sails along the Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde rivers, through the renowned French wine country called Medoc. Sailing from Bordeaux you cruise a corner of the Aquitaine region famous for prestigious culinary and historical heritage that is widely appreciated locally and internationally. Let's set off for a tour of Bordeaux and the fascinating wine trail.

We start with Pauillac situated along the Gironde river. The city is situated in heart of the Medoc region, famous for its exceptional wine and the various vintages produced there. A wine tasting session is essential when travelling through Pauillac.

Chateau Lausanne has been awarded the 'Haut Medoc' label. The tour offers some background knowledge on wine classfications, which is based on harvesting and fermentation. It is interesting to find out that the soil contains a variable concentration of stones which influences the taste of the vintage and its definition. It thus possible to distinguish between the Margaux vintage and the Saint Julien vintage just by looking at the plant. The landscape is spectacular wherever you look. Behind every house and along every path, vineyards are always present. The dominant colour in the skyline is green, with stone buildings towering over a sea of fields.

Chateau Lausanne was built in the English style, reminiscent of the Victorian style, a sign of prestige in the wine world. The park surrounding the 'domaine' is the pride of the owners. The chateau is one in a long list of more than 3,000, making it an enticing challenge to try and visit all of them in a lifetime, never mind remembering their names. A selection of the most renowed chateaux that are open to the public lets you catch a glimpse of the wine industry in France and winemaking in general, and gives you a taste of the unique Bordeaux wines.

Chateau Margaux boasts superbly well-preserved neoclassic architecture. Is it one of the best chateaux of this style in the region. This chateau is a the forefront of Bordeaux winemaking and one of the most prestigious estates, hence the price to acquire a sought-after bottle - no less than 2,500 euros (guide price).

In the Medoc region, 500 million bottles of wine are produced every year and exported throughout the world. Wine is not merely a drink - it is synonymous with passion and 'art de vivre', and has been so for centuries. Winemaking has influenced the history of the Bordeaux region and the history of the world.

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