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Published on :   13/01/2017

Bordeaux: THE place to be!

2017 just started and yet, Bordeaux, a major city in southwestern France, has been rewarded by the Los Angeles Times as a destination “that looks especially fetching right now.”

The newspaper published in January the list of this year’s 17 trendiest destinations and - thanks to the alphabetic order - Bordeaux appears first.

Focus on this national pride.


Hall of Fame 

Among the list: countries, National Parks, caves and cities all around the world can be found. Cambodia, Helsinki, Peru, Boston…and Bordeaux!

The renowned LA Times praises the multiplying attractions of the metropolis. As a member of the UNESCO World Heritage, Bordeaux and its region is “known for its wine, food” and culture.

Also saluted, the various renovations conducted by the local authorities and the growing tramway system allowing “the city’s many 18th century buildings to shine more brightly.”

A museum devoted to the history of wine, “la Cité du Vin”, first opened in 2016 and is just one in all the on-going projects of the bubbling city.

Bordeaux has recently accumulated the honors. In October 2016, the famous travel guide Lonely Planet, voted Bordeaux as “the most attractive destination in the world in 2017”. If you please! (The arrival of a new high-speed train line in 2017 has truly been a key factor in the city’s election.)

In 2015, Bordeaux was also recognized as the “European Best Destination” by the same organization. 


A river cruise - feast for the eyes and the senses

According to the Los Angeles Times, several “river cruise companies have added Bordeaux itineraries” in the last three years.

As usual, CroisiEurope played a pioneering role providing cruises in the region since 2011! 

In addition to the genuine magnificence of the city, its entire countryside deserves people’s attention too. Bordeaux, ‘la Cité du Vin’, wouldn’t be whole without its prestigious soil providing connoisseurs with an incredibly tasty range of shades. Who hasn’t heard about illustrious and largest on earth Bordeaux PDO vineyard?

CroisiEurope offers you a chance to discover a extraordinary mosaic of landscapes, colors and atmospheres here, along the three mighty Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne rivers.

Our programs also include bike tours, strolls among impressive castles, medieval towns and the Fortifications of Vauban for history enthusiasts. Lovers of the great outdoors will undoubtedly enjoy the ascent of the Dune of Pilat – tallest sand dune in Europe! And, why not even indulge yourself in a bigger adventure with a helicopter flight over the Medoc Valley?

*Classic* or *Discovery*: you can put together the formula that suits you best!

Whether you want to spend your holidays in Bordeaux or wherever in Europe, our ships will definitely take you to an unforgettable journey.