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Published on :   09/04/2016

6 Common River Cruise Myths Proved Wrong

Unfortunately, many people miss out on the joys of cruising because they believe false information about the cruise industry. These common misconceptions are widespread, and they misguide those who may have otherwise planned their ideal vacation. In order to make sure you know the facts before you book, we have explained the reality of five common cruise myths:

Myth: You will gain weight on a cruise

Reality: While cruise ships are known for offering guests excessive amounts of delicious food, cruise lines are still aware that many cruisers are healthy eaters. As a result, most cruise ships usually offer healthy alternatives at every meal—you just need to ask! Also, some cruise lines like CroisiEurope mainly serve French haute cuisine, which means you will enjoy much healthier meals and smaller portions than those offered on other ships. And don’t forget; there are plenty of activities onboard and off to help you burn any unwanted extra calories.

Myth: The weather is bad in the shoulder season

Reality: No matter what time of year it is at home, there are always other destinations that are getting decent weather. Plus, you'll usually find lower airfares, hotel rates, and excursion prices during the off-season. Also, some cruise lines like CroisiEurope offer spectacular Christmas and New Year cruises during November, December and January. This means you can travel to locations that are famous for their beaming holiday spirit, such as France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, Italy or Spain. You can explore beautiful Christmas markets, and participate in unique foreign traditions and festivities. You won’t get these opportunities during the peak season! 

Myth: Formal nights are required

Reality: If you are concerned that you aren’t “fancy” enough for a cruise, you’ve got it all wrong. Guests should never feel pressured to wear uncomfortable clothing, especially on vacation! On most ships (including CroisiEurope’s) formal nights have become much more casual. You'll often see men wearing sport coats and dark jeans, and women wearing sundresses paired with simple jewelry and sandals. Even if some ships restrict shorts in their main dining room at night, room service and alternative ship restaurants are always an option.

Myth: You spend too much time on the water

Reality: Traveling via cruise ship doesn’t mean you’ll always be on the ship; it just means your belongings will always be conveniently in one place while you travel to new locations! Almost every cruise docks at multiple ports, giving cruisers the chance to step off the ship and explore beautiful towns, lively cities, and popular sites. Since the ships usually dock early in the morning, travelers have plenty of time to enjoy exciting excursions and new cultures. Also, even when you are on the ship, your surroundings will constantly change and amaze you.

Myth: You will become seasick on a cruise

Reality: Even if you often get motion sickness on road trips or airplanes, it is very unlikely you will get seasick on a cruise. Cruise ships are immense and come equipped with stabilizers, so you will likely feel no motion whatsoever. Also, the smaller cruise ships built for river cruising usually only travel on calm waters, which eliminates the dreaded “rocking” sensation you may feel on a boat. Radar and GPS technologies also help ships avoid rough waters. But even if you do start feeling sick, medications are available onboard to help you feel better almost instantly. 

Myth: You lose touch with the world while cruising

Reality: Although some people can’t wait to disconnect from society on vacation, the cruise industry understands that others want and need to stay in touch. Most cabins have televisions and telephones, including CroisiEurope’s. In fact, free Wi-Fi is available on all CroisiEurope ships, and some ships even have tablets for guests to use. Cruise ships also publish daily newsletters so you can stay updated on major news, sports scores and stock quotes. 

By doing your research before planning your vacation, you may come to realize that many of society’s widespread beliefs are in fact, incorrect. Especially when it comes to cruising or traveling, you must go to the experts if you want to know the truth. Once you know the real facts, it will be much easier to book your ideal vacation!