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Published on :   29/12/2014

5 Money Saving Questions to Ask on Vacation

Everyone loves saving money, especially when planning an expensive vacation. One easy way you can keep more money in your pocket is by asking the right questions at the right time. The following queries can help you discover company discounts, special trip offers, and local deals:

Is there an upgrade available?

If you could get a free upgrade, wouldn’t you want it? If you ask the airport staff this question, you could get access to free or discounted first-class seats. If you are celebrating a special event or traveling with children, ask the hotel staff if you can get a suite upgrade. As long as you ask politely, it’s possible the staff will upgrade your room to give you a better experience.


What discounts do you offer?


Some airports, hotels, and cruise lines offer discounts that you might not know about unless you ask. For example, CroisiEurope offers group discounts, discounts for families with children, and special cruise deals. You can also ask about upcoming sales and discounts so you will know the cheapest time to book. 


Has the price changed for my seat/room?

Sometimes the price of your hotel room or airline ticket can drop between the time you book it and the time you arrive. Even after you’ve booked your flight or hotel room, check the prices every day until your vacation. If the price has decreased, call the airline or hotel to see what they can do for you. Often times, they will let you cancel your reservation and rebook at a lower price.

Is there a tourism card available?

If you ask the tourism office for a city pass, you can save money in popular destinations like Paris, London and New York. Some passes even include free public transportation and allow you to skip terribly long lines at popular tourist destinations. 

Where are you going tonight?

Don’t be afraid to ask cruise ship employees or visitor center staffers how they plan on spending their night. Since they are experienced travelers, they will likely know the best off-the-beaten-path spots and current local deals. Asking for insider tips will help you avoid expensive tourist traps and crowded places. 

Many travelers don’t uncover these secret savings simply because they don’t think to inquire about them. By being one of the few travelers who actually asks these questions, you can experience a cheaper and better vacation. If you want to cruise with CroisiEurope and have more questions about deals and pricing, contact us here.