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Published on :   27/10/2022

5 reasons why going on a cruise is the best alternative

for your first solo travelling experience

Solo travel is on the rise worldwide and, while it is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, for many the thought of traveling alone can sometimes be intimidating or scary. Therefore, CroisiEurope wants to ease your worries about your (first) solo travelling experience and make your trip more enjoyable by taking care of all the little hassles of solo travel.



When you travel solo you’ll never feel lonely on our cruise journeys.


As sometimes it is down to just to you to make your holiday happen, CroisiEurope encourages you to set sail alone on a cruise, which is probably the most comfortable travel format for you. You may ask “why?” so here are five reasons why a cruise is the best option for your first solo travel experience.

1-   Embrace total freedom 

Have you ever wanted to go to places where your family or friends did not want to go? When you’re solo travelling, this won’t happen anymore as you are the only one to choose what to do and when to do it. You have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Why not put yourself first for once and decide and plan your perfect journey according to YOUR desires? On the balcony admiring the landscape or during your wanderings in the places you choose to visit, you will be the only master on board and are completely in control of what you do.

You can also choose to participate in some group excursions or set off on a mini solo daytime and chat about your experiences to your fellow cruisers once back on ship. You get to choose what to do, when to do it, whether you want to socialize or if you prefer to relax on your own.

While solo travelling, your independence is a fact but your socialising is a choice. 


2-   Meet new people

If you're looking for company, you won't be alone for long. Just because you’re travelling alone doesn’t’ mean that you’re going to feel lonely. Whether you are seeking adventure or just want to take a break from daily life, you’ll meet new people from all around the world. And, as everyone knows, meeting new people introduces you to different cultures, mindsets and ways of thinking that might change your view on life and may leave lasting memories. Some people prefer this way of travel because it’s easy to meet new friends. Many of our fellow cruisers made lifelong friends on their journey aboard our boats and they now plan their next trips together.

You’re not a social butterfly so you’re scared you won’t be able to meet new people? Don’t worry, as our intimate ships have numerous socializing areas and there are many places you can meet new friends on board: while sharing a cocktail or a glass of wine on the sun deck, at an adjoining table in the restaurant during the delicious included meals, or in the lounge bar when you’re participating in entertainment or themed evenings…

Dancing party

3-   The adventure 

No matter your choice of destination, no matter how far you will go or how you will travel on your solo trip, it will feel adventurous. When solo-travelling – especially the first time - you step out of your comfort zone: you meet new people and you get to be who you want to be. It is the opportunity to have a look at oneself, take stock and expand your personal growth as you experience new things. Setting sail on one of our cruises means experiencing the trend of “slow tourism”, an ideal way to get away from the stress of our daily lives.

Whether it's a stopover, returning on time to your ship, meeting new people or taking care of the very few formalities required on a cruise, when you return from this adventure, you will feel like a better traveller than you were before the trip, and above all, you will have gained so much confidence. 

4-   You don’t have to plan everything

Going on vacation alone may require some stamina and the ability to plan as you need to book each hotel, transportation, or local visit. But what if you don’t want to plan all your journey yourself? You may not want to deal with such a responsibility when vacation and relaxation are supposed to come together, right? Well, with our cruises you only have to make one reservation to visit and enjoy several destinations without having to worry about the itinerary or the next night’s accommodation as your comfortable cabin is already waiting for you. You won’t have to worry about planning your day as structured options and activities are already in place. You can wander by yourself or join our group excursions, depending on your preferences, as these are the only ones to consider when deciding what to do day by day. The program is yours and you can enjoy the freedom you desire.

We truly believe that cruising could be the best way to combine the essential factors of a holiday: discovery and rest.

5-   Safety

Last but not least, a cruise is the safest way to solo-travel as you’ll never really be alone. So, if something happens, you’ll never be left on your own. Contrary to other types of travel, on our cruises you won’t have any security problems when moving from one place to another. Excursions are also safe for a single cruiser as they are carried out in a group. It is very reassuring to be part of a group trip while still enjoying your time alone in the safest way possible. We take care of everything for you so you can travel peacefully.

Reception desk of the MS Amalia Rodrigues

With a solo CroisiEurope cruise, you step aboard alone and you disembark with a host of new friends and memories.

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