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Canals of France on a barge

Your cruise to discover the canals of France aboard a CroisiEurope’s barge

For your pleasure, CroisiEurope offers you the chance to discover all the charms of the canals of Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comté and Bourgogne. By navigating these canals, you will meet our "undiscovered France”, still authentic and full of emotions. On these cruises you are choosing the serenity of pedestrian paths, towpaths still preserved in nature. Through the peaceful rhythm of the cruise, the landscapes and the typical villages will not cease to amaze you. The stops we have chosen are great surprises ... This is a new and pleasant way to travel and relax!

The Doubs Valley ... nature, history and authenticity

The Doubs is only navigable on a little more than 200 kilometres and its route allows you to discover its wild and enchanting sites. Running first between rocky cliffs and wooded slopes, it then laps into long meanders to the approach of the Saône, which it joins near Saint Jean de Losne.

This splendid waterway offers a varied cruise, between protected waterways and the natural river course through the three departments that it crosses, the territory of Belfort, the Jura and the Doubs.

The Doubs is the only French river that gives the impression of sailing in the mountains: passing by cliffs and breath-taking ravines.

The Saône Valley

The Saône is the main tributary of the Rhone. It is navigable over 365 km from Verdun-sur-le-Doubs to Lyon. This river, the first in France because of the size of its basin, has its source in Vioménil at the foot of the cliffs of Monts Faucilles in the department of Vosges. It flows into the Rhone at Lyon, France, at an altitude of 163 meters. It is a beautiful river that offers 480 km of cruising.

The Bourgogne Canal

The Bourgogne’s Canal is a small waterway with a length of 242 km, located in the heart of the region. It connects the basin of the Seine with that of the Rhone. It starts in Migennes, a town on the Yonne, and ends in Saint-Jean-de-Losne on the Saône. The variety of its landscapes makes it a very popular route for cruising.

Banks of Seurre

The Marne-Rhine canal

The Marne-Rhine Canal is 312 km long, linking the Marne (Vitry-le-François) to the Rhine (Strasbourg). It crosses the Vosges by the gap at the Saverne collar. It is a small canal whose most remarkable work is the inclined plan of Saint-Louis-Arzviller put into service in 1967. This doubles and replaces the 17 locks close together (44 m of unevenness). The canal also has three tunnels and several canal bridges including the La Madeleine canal bridge.