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Published on :   06/11/2023

Fellow cruisers,

This November, we'd like to introduce you to our new Multi-Generation offer, the perfect opportunity for a family cruise!

We're delighted to present our new Mekong River itinerary, designed to combine exploration, cultural immersion and light activities for a memorable cruising experience. Find out more in our blog post highlighting the program.

We're proud to announce that we've just won 1st prize in the Cruise Company category at the World Luxury Travel Award!

Finally, check out our new video featuring our cruises from Venice to Mantua, as well as the Michelangelo, which has been sailing in the heart of the City of the Doges lagoon for over 20 years.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this edition of our CroisiMag as we take you on a journey through the world of travel and adventure.


All-inclusive Multigeneration Cruising

Because times are changing and new expectations are emerging, we have designed a new offer dedicated to families: the "Multi-generations Offer": 20% discount for the 2nd generation & free cruise for the 3rd (up to 16 years old), during all school holidays, on our entire european fleet!

These "all-inclusive" offers are aimed at all 3 generations, and offer a family getaway where children, parents and grandparents can create unforgettable memories together. Everything has been thought of to make things easier: a cabin next to the parents'/grandparents' cabin, single cabin at no extra charge for single-parent families traveling with 2 children, possibility of menus adapted to children's tastes upon request. A selection of excursions for children has been created during the summer vacations on our "CroisiFamily" cruises.

It's the ideal opportunity for a family get-together, with all the advantages of having all logistics managed on board. So everyone has plenty of time to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.


[NEW IN 2024]

The Mekong in a different way:

Between adventure and must-see sites

We're delighted to present our latest program aboard the Toum Tiou II, designed to combine exploration, cultural immersion and light activities for a memorable cruising experience. This cruise offers personalized service in an intimate environment, perfect for small groups looking for an authentic Mekong journey.


9-Day Cruise - Reference: 9HS_ADPP

Our itinerary includes a range of activities such as cyclingkayakingsampan ridesrowing/motorboats and walking tours, which allow you to discover the hidden treasures of the Mekong, including visits to traditional villages and ascents of the stunning Oudong Hill.

Discover the perfect balance between cultural immersion and light adventure, while enjoying the authentic charm of the Mekong River. With a focus on personalized service, cultural exploration and a touch of adventure, our program promises to deliver an unforgettable cruising experience and is a perfect match for the Toum Tiou II.

All excursions are included, including the authentic "Saigon after dark", a scooter tour of Saigon's nightlife and culinary adventure.


RV Toum Tiou I is cruising around the Mékong


Read our blog post on this new itinerary

Apart from the major tourist sites, many excursions are designed to bring you into contact with the local people, to discover their way of life and their crafts. So, visiting a temple by oxcart, admiring the surrounding rice paddies on board a mountain bike or a canoe kayak is all possible thanks to our new cruise programme. Discover some of the most impressive places and monuments along the Mekong [...]


CroisiEurope Cruises:

Final winner at the 2023 World Luxury Travel Awards

We are delighted to share our victory at the World Luxury Travel Awards 2023, for our safari-cruise in Southern Africa!

This award recognises the huge team effort from all our crew and land-based staff to delivering exceptional travel experiences.

The World Luxury Travel Awards, established in 2019, aims to be the pinnacle of achievement for the travel industry, offering international recognition based on votes from travelers, guests and industry players. Each year, travelers from around the world participate in this voting process to elect the winners. We are honored to have been chosen among the best, and we thank our travelers for their continued support. This win reinforces our commitment to providing you with exceptional cruise travel.


A cruise in Italy aboard the MS Michelangelo,

from Mantua to Venice

Let yourself be carried away by a unique cruise and discover our exclusive itinerary in the heart of the Italian regions aboard the MS Michelangelo through our two latest videos featuring our itinerary in Italy and our ship, which has been cruising the Po and Venice lagoon since the early 2000s.

MS Michelangelo

The MS Michelangelo, a 4-anchor ship renovated in 2017, takes you right to the heart of the enchanting City of the Doges, as its size allows it to sail into the Venetian lagoon and stop just a few steps from St. Mark's Square!


See you next month for a new edition of our CroisiMag!