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Practical information

Do I need a national identity card or a passport to travel?

All of our cruises require a valid identity document (national identity card or passport).

For some destinations, a passport is mandatory, with a validity date of 6 months after the planned return date. This information is specified in the "Formalities" section of the cruise.


For our far-off destinations, a visa may be mandatory and specific steps must be taken. These details are included in your order confirmation and your travel booklet. Our travel agents can also provide you with information, so don't hesitate to ask them when booking your journey.


What insurance is available for my cruise?

Repatriation assistance insurance is included in the price of our cruises. Cancellation, luggage, interruption of stay and civil liability insurance are optional. We recommend that you subscribe to it, as it covers a wide range of incidents/problems that may occur after a reservation or during a trip, such as loss of luggage, plane or train delays.

This insurance can be taken out at the time of or after booking your cruise with CroisiEurope, to avoid inconvenience in a foreign country where you do not master the language or local customs.

Our partner is ASSUREVER, detailed conditions are available here!

How to plan the transport to the departure port?

You have booked a cruise without transport:

When you travel in Europe, we advise you to book your transportation as soon as possible. This will allow you to anticipate your arrival at the place of departure with complete peace of mind.

Thanks to large national and international networks, you can reach several of our ports of embarkation directly by rail. In order to give you precise information and to reassure you about our airline partners, we have established for you a summary of the airlines we work with.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our agencies to learn about the possibilities of transport (bus, train, plane...). Your travel booklet sent by email will contain information on boarding places as well as how to reach your platform.


Our teams remain at your disposal for any need of information regarding your transport.

You have booked a cruise with transport:

If your cruise has been booked with transportation, CroisiEurope takes care of everything.

Your travel booklet sent by mail or email will contain information on the transportation and transfers that await you. You will receive these documents once your trip has been confirmed and fully paid.

For our long-distance cruises, we advise you to book your transportation directly with your CroisiEurope agent.

What about transfers before and after the cruise?

One of our main priorities is to get you to/from our ports in a safe and comfortable manner. Therefore, we ask that you consider this and your needs when booking your cruise and communicate your needs and concerns to one of our agents.

The itinerary of some cruises connects one port to another (no round trip). Therefore, the port of departure is not the port of arrival.

In this case, the program includes transfers, mostly by bus, to the port of departure (included or not depending on the itinerary).

If you have booked your transportation with CroisiEurope, the transfer is not automatically included. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team to add a transfer if necessary.

If you have booked your cruise without transportation, it is also possible to organize a transfer to the embarkation pier. Do not hesitate to contact your CroisiEurope agent for more information.


Please note: some transfers require a minimum of 20 participants to guarantee the connection.

Where to park your car before the cruise?

Would you like to know the address of the river station and/or the embarkation platform of your cruise, and possibly where to park your vehicle during your trip?

Click below on the link of the destination you are interested in, to know where to go to find the CroisiEurope boats. You will be able to leave your vehicle there in complete peace of mind.




Please note that:


  • This information is also communicated in your travel booklet, sent before your cruise.
  • Embarkation docks may change from one season to another.
  • Non-contractual documents: All information is given as an indication and is subject to change.
  • In case of change, CroisiEurope teams will contact you directly using the contact information provided when you made your reservation.

At what time do we board?

Boarding and check-in time is indicated on your boarding ticket in your travel booklet.

It is important to respect this schedule as the boat is required to respect the navigation schedule for the itinerary in order to scrupulously respect the program throughout the cruise. You can also check the embarkation time with your travel agent.

If you arrive earlier in the day, in most cases you can leave your luggage on board our ships. Your CroisiEurope agent or your usual travel agency can also inform our ships that you will be arriving earlier, when you make your reservation.

At the end of the cruise, disembarkation is generally scheduled at 9:00 am for all passengers. If we arrange to take you to the airport, we will make sure you arrive in time for your flight.

What happens if I miss the departure?

Missing the departure can happen for multiple reasons: a faulty alarm clock, a transport strike, an accident on the road, train or plane delays... In this case, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible by dialling the numbers listed in your travel booklet.

We will do our best to make sure you arrive safely.

When will I get my CroisiEurope travel booklet?

Everything you need to know about the smooth running of your cruise is listed in your travel diary which you will receive 2 to 4 weeks before your cruise departure. It will be sent to you by e-mail or by mail before you leave.


It will include the following information:

  • Port of embarkation/disembarkation;
  • A voucher for airport/port/airport transfers if these have been booked through CroisiEurope;
  • Boarding tickets to be handed over upon arrival on board;
  • Possible vouchers (pre- and post-transportation, hotel nights,...);
  • Luggage tags;
  • A presentation of the program;
  • Useful information about the cruise;
  • The list of suggested excursions.


The travel log will be sent electronically for all cruises in Europe.

What fees should I expect during the cruise?

The prices of our cruises are "all-inclusive on board" which means it includes full board, drinks served at meals and at the bar.

You are responsible for personal expenses outside the boat, during excursions, purchases in our store, or drinks that you choose from our special wine list and bar, booking of excursions on board as well as additional services (massages and spa) available on some boats are also extra.

What are the tipping habits on board our boat?

Tipping habits vary according to the country and culture. At CroisiEurope, tips are collected globally at the end of the trip and shared equally among all the crew members.

This attention from our passengers allows us to show that they have appreciated the quality of the services and the attention that was given to them during the cruise, at all levels.


How much should I leave? A tip of between £5 and £10 per day and per person is an average, but each passenger is free to give what he or she wishes. An envelope is left in your cabin during your last evening on board. Put it in the box provided for this purpose at the ship's reception desk when you disembark.

What vaccines are required for a cruise?

We advise you to ask your doctor, as soon as possible before your departure, about the vaccines that may be recommended for your destination.

What should I do if I have a health problem on board?

Our boats sail near large cities and remain close to the shore. In case of an emergency, the purser will contact the emergency medical services, the boat will make a stopover so that medical care can be provided as quickly as possible to the person suffering.


An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is on board each boat. At least two people on board are certified as first aiders and have been trained to use this device.

If you are concerned about a health problem, please consult your doctor before joining in a cruise, in order to perform a complete check-up. We remain at your disposal in case of emergency.

Can I go on a cruise with a baby?

It is perfectly possible to cruise with your baby.

Due to space constraints, our boats do not have baby equipment on board.

If you are taking an infant or baby on board, be sure to bring the necessary equipment and supplies, such as a portable bed, stroller, child carrier, diapers.

For children over the age of one, remember to reserve age-appropriate menus at the time of booking. For your convenience, we can heat up your children's bottles or food. 

How Wheelchair-Accessible are Cruise Ships?

CroisiEurope welcomes passengers with reduced mobility and strives to facilitate their access to the places of conviviality on board and to the suggested excursions. Before making a reservation, our company invites you to mention your specific needs to one of our agents, so that we can offer you the most suitable boat.

People with reduced mobility or with mobility difficulties can benefit from adapted cabins on some of the boats in our fleet.

Please note that our three-deck boats have elevators that provide access to the different decks, as well as to the dining room, the lounge and the toilets adapted to people with reduced mobility.

Our two-deck boats, on the other hand, are designed in terms of layout so that the common facilities (restaurant, lounge-bar, reception) are all on one level: the main deck, which also has cabins.

Some of our excursions may cause difficulties for people with reduced mobility (walking for several hours, unsteady ground surfaces, unevenness, ...), participation in the excursions as well as the trip is subject to the passenger's sufficient mobility.


We invite you to contact your CroisiEurope agent or your usual travel agency for further information.

Can I go on a cruise while pregnant?

Pregnant women must inform the travel agent at the time of booking.

This is necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on board, as we do not have a medical team on board our boats to provide emergency care in case of need.

Depending on the destination, it will be necessary to ensure that you have the required vaccinations and the basic rules to respect from a health point of view.

We invite you to consult our Health section in our General and Special Conditions of Sale.


What are the different types of theme cruises?

Several specific or themed cruise formulas are available. They include the participation of experienced specialists who accompany you on these exceptional trips and the usual services included in the "stay on board" package.


  • CroisiRando surveys the most beautiful paths and sites of Europe, in Italy, between Croatia and Montenegro, in Andalusia, in the Douro Valley, in the South-West of France around Bordeaux, along the Danube and in the three countries region between France, Germany and Switzerland. While the hikers follow their itinerary on foot, the non-hiking cruisers enjoy a special programme dedicated to them.


  • CroisiVélo is an original concept that combines pleasure and comfort. A guide, bicycles, maps and topos are provided by CroisiEurope, which also provides technical assistance to cyclists. They leave, as they wish, for the day or less. The boat escorts them and offers them total comfort on the Danube, the Gironde, the Rhône and the Saône, the Loire, the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam...


  • Family Club offers a tailor-made vacation concept for children and adults in July and August in Croatia, Andalusia, on the Rhine, on the Douro in Portugal and in Venice. The children have fun on board, supervised by BAFA qualified animators, while the parents discover the country. (check out the price offers under the heading "family and children on board")


  • CroisiMusique for music lovers who experience their cruise in the company of internationally renowned musicians. Vienna, Budapest, Venice... The itineraries vibrate with the great arias of classical music and open the doors to the most famous opera houses.


  • The "gastronomic" and "oenological" itineraries on the Rhine and the Rhone are a delight for gourmets. They allow you to explore the flavours of the world and the wines of the best vineyards in France.


Is there any Christmas and New Year cruises?

CroisiEurope offers many cruises for the end of the year:

  • Our Christmas and New Year's cruises celebrate these important moments that we like to experience with family and friends. On our beautifully decorated boats, you will enjoy a warm, joyful and refined atmosphere. You can find these cruises on all the rivers where our boats sail.


  • Our cruises to discover the Christmas markets in Europe highlight the Christmas traditions on the Danube, the Elbe or the Rhine.



Does CroisiEurope offer maritime cruises?

CroisiEurope offers several cruises on the seas of Europe.

On board our ships, the MV Belle of the Adriatic and the MV Belle of the Oceans, you will be able to enjoy all of CroisiEurope's top-of-the-line services. These human-sized ships with a maximum capacity of less than 200 passengers allow you to discover the world in a more intimate way.

Talented chefs will provide you with delicious meals every day, as well as the best wines. Our experienced and attentive crews will provide you with a unique and refined experience that will take you to the most beautiful wonders of the European seas.

Thanks to their small size, our maritime vessels are able to dock in the heart of cities in ports where liners do not have access. This is the ideal opportunity to enjoy unique excursions to all our maritime destinations.

Which far-off destinations are possible on a cruise?

Our production teams, specialists in travel throughout the world, develop and assemble customized tours to offer you complete itineraries that are off the beaten path.

Mekong, Volga, Lake Kariba and much more await you for an upscale and exceptional trip to discover the most beautiful monuments and landscapes of the planet.



How long is a CroisiEurope cruise?

Leader on the European river cruise market, CroisiEurope offers river cruises from 2 to 13 days on the most beautiful rivers of Europe on board small ships.

Come aboard one of our 55 river cruise boats and let us guide you along the water on canals, rivers and seas in Europe and around the world.



When is the Best Time to Cruise?

Whatever the season, whatever the month of the year, you have the possibility to go on a cruise with CroisiEurope. From the north to the south of Europe, to the far east of the continent and beyond, the sun shines in one way or another in every season. Let our expertise guide you and help you make your choice according to your desires.

The cruise "season" extends over eight months, from March to October for European cruises. Spring, summer, autumn... Our vast palette of destinations in Europe and around the world opens the doors to discovery in a kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and landscapes.

Our distant cruises on the Mekong or in Southern Africa can be done all year long thanks to climates more favourable to travel in winter periods. This is also the case for our maritime cruises which offer specific itineraries in search of the winter sun.

Where to cruise in the winter?

After the end of the year celebrations, it is possible to leave for Venice in February, to experience the splendour of its historic carnival while discovering the wonders of the Serenissima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The period from November to March also marks its way into the mild winter that reigns in the beautiful cities and mythical islands of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. The ideal opportunity to go on a cruise on board our river and sea boats.

During this season, depending on the destination, they take you to Italy, Sicily, Calabria, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, the Holy Land, Venice for the famous Carnival or Andalusia on the Guadalquivir...

Life on Board

What is included during my journey on board?

To ease your cruise experience, CroisiEurope has opted for the "all inclusive on board" which includes a certain number of services in the cruise rates:

  • double-occupancy cabin with shower in bathroom
  • Your cruise with all meals from dinner the first evening to breakfast on the final day
  • All our meals are served in one service. Breakfast is offered as a buffet, lunch and dinner are served at the table.
  • In the case of cruises with hotel extensions, catering services are those detailed in the relevant programs.
  • Drinks, unless otherwise stated in writing in the cruise program, under the heading "these prices do not include". Subject to this reservation, the drinks included in the package are those provided by CroisiEurope and consumed during the meals taken on board the boat, including at the bar (except for the special bar menu and wine list). The non-exhaustive list is as follows: water, wine, beer, fruit juices, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Access to free WI-FI;
  • travel assistance and repatriation insurance
  • Port fees


This package does not include:

  • Drinks from our special lists, or drinks ordered during excursions or transfers 
  • Optional excursions mentioned in our programmes unless otherwise mentioned. They can be booked through our agency or online.
  • Transportation (unless otherwise stated) and handling fees;
  • Cancellation and baggage insurance;
  • Personal expenses;
  • All services not mentioned in the programme.

4 and 5 anchor boats: What are the differences?

When it comes to comfort and space, there are two categories of boats: the "4 anchors" and the "5 anchors".


The "5-anchor" boats are distinguished by their larger cabins with large bay windows - for some boats with French balconies - and bathrooms with larger walk-in showers.

All the latest generation boats fall into this high-end category as part of the fleet's renovation and maintenance program. This is also the case for older boats that are being completely transformed and refitted in this way.

Most of these vessels have only 50 cabins instead of the average 80.

What do the cabin categories A,B,C correspond to?

Within the CroisiEurope fleet, the cabins are divided into 3 categories: A, B and C.

The A category cabins are located on premium locations within the boat.

Category B cabins are located in intermediate locations.

Category C cabins are located in standard locations or may be slightly smaller.

What are the different amenities in the cabins?

All cabins are located above water level and offer a panoramic view of the landscape through large windows or portholes (depending on the boat and level).

They are equipped with a toilet, shower and sink and provide towels, shower gel and shampoo. Very comfortable, they have many amenities: flat screen television, hair dryer, safe and plenty of storage space.

Depending on the boat, our cabins have 2 twin beds, a double bed or 2 separate beds. The voltage on board is 220 V. Some boats have cabins equipped for handicapped people (motor).

Our cabins are air-conditioned and have a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the heating and air conditioning.

Is WIFI available on board the cruise ships?

All the ships of the company's European fleet are equipped with a free Wi-Fi connection for passengers. This Internet connection is available in all the lounges/bars and receptions of the ships. The Wi-Fi connection available on board all ships is free of charge.

For customers who do not have computer equipment, we have equipped the majority of the boats (except those on the Volga, Mekong, Africa and Nile) with a touch screen tablet that will be lent to them if necessary.

Is there a swimming pool on board the boat?

On the rivers of Southern Europe, our ships are equipped with a removable or built-in pool during the summer months.


In Portugal, the MS Miguel Torga and MS Amalia Rodrigues have been equipped with a real permanent pool, 4 by 6 meters, which lowers when passing through the low decks: a technological exclusivity.

You will also find a large pool offering a sunny area but also a shaded area on the RV Indochine II. Finally, you can take advantage of the small pool on the African Dream and the Zimbabwean Dream to cool off during the hot African weather.

The MS La belle de l'Adriatique, a 4-deck ship, is equipped with two jacuzzis on the sun deck at the front of the ship. The MS La belle des Océans is equipped with a pool at the back of the boat.

Moreover, all our barges have an outdoor Jacuzzi.

What drinks are included at the bar?

The drinks menu is vast and offers all types of drinks, from water to local wines, as well as homemade cocktails created every day with great inspiration, aperitifs and digestifs. Our bartenders and barmaids are at your entire disposal and will offer you the best advice.

A drinks menu with extra drinks is also available and will suggest you champagne, vintage wines and high-quality spirits.

How are special diet requests handled?

Alain Bohn, the company's "head chef", imagines, designs and manages the menus served on board our ships, in the pure tradition of French gastronomy. In 2013, he joined the prestigious and renowned associations of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

On some cruises, specifically gastronomic or wine tours, CroisiEurope has partnered or is partnering with starred chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Marc Haeberlin or Emile Jung.

How are special diet requests handled?

People with special diets or allergies must indicate this when booking their cruise. Our chef will be able to offer them an adapted and tasty menu.

How is safety ensured on board the boats?

Life jackets are present in each cabin and life buoys on the sun deck.

During the crew presentation at the beginning of your cruise, a safety exercise will be conducted by the crew during where all safety instructions will be presented. These instructions are also available in each cabin in several languages. A fire drill is organized monthly by the crew.

For safety reasons and in accordance with the law, it is forbidden to smoke on board our boats as it is a closed environment. However, smokers have the possibility to go to the sun deck where ashtrays are available.

Are pets allowed on board?

We sincerely love our four-legged friends but unfortunately, we cannot accept them on board. Animals are not allowed for sanitary and medical reasons (allergies,...) but also for legislative reasons. Indeed, when moving from one country to another, the regulations regarding animals change.

What are CroisiEurope's commitments to the environment?

Aware of the importance to preserve the planet and its resources, we are investing in new technologies and proposing sustainable and eco-responsible solutions.

The energy transition is underway and a multitude of actions are being taken in this direction.



What is the dress code on board the boats?

During the day, you will be more comfortable in casual clothes.

We recommend that you bring clothes that are not too wrinkly, or that can be easily transported after being ironed at home, as we cannot provide an iron on the boat.

Remember to dress according to the weather, the season and the environment of your cruise: light clothes and swimsuits for warm weather; sweater or jacket for cooler weather; sweatshirt, rain gear and small umbrella.

Don't forget to pack comfortable walking shoes, especially for when you go on sightseeing trips!

Finally, when visiting places of worship, be sure to dress appropriately, not too lightly, so as not to be barred from entering.

What is the Gala Night that takes place during the cruise?

The gala evening is a highly anticipated tradition in the cruise world. It's the night to dress up, although there is no dress code. The crew, from the deckhand to the captain, in full regalia, present themselves to the guests invited to take part in an aperitif with the captain, the purser and the ship's chef.

That evening particularly, the cuisine, refined throughout the cruise, pays special tribute to French gastronomy and to CroisiEurope's expertise in this area.

This evening will continue with a dance party in the lounge-bar.

Are there any activities/soirée organized on board the boat?

Numerous activities and entertainment are offered on board, which you can take part in according to your desires: At aperitif time, games and quizzes are proposed in the lounge-bar by our entertainers.

On the sun deck, where it is pleasant to stroll alone, with family or friends, comfortably installed in the deckchairs, gym sessions are organized in the morning. This is a great way to stay in shape while enjoying the magnificent views of the landscapes around you.

The panoramic lounge-bar, the library and the "pianorama-bar" (the latter two being available only on certain boats), are tastefully and elegantly furnished. It is pleasant to spend quiet moments there when returning from excursions, for example, or when sailing. During the navigation, commentaries are offered in order to learn more about the different regions crossed.

On some cruises, conferences on themes related to the history and geography of the places visited are offered in the lounge-bar by lecturers.

Some evenings, the dance floor of the lounge-bar comes alive. Musical evenings, welcoming folk groups or singers, gala evenings... The festivities on board are numerous and of high quality.

What is the role of the entertainer on board?

The entertainer is the person who will be at your side throughout your stay on board. He/she is in charge of entertainment (dances, games, sports activities, ...) and can escort you during certain excursions.

However, he/she does not act as a guide. We choose to use local guides for the visits and excursions, experienced and having a perfect command of the places.

In addition, all our excursions are done with the help of a free audio-guide provided by us, allowing everyone to appreciate all the comments made by the guides in the best conditions.

The guide is also present, along with the purser and other crew members, to assist you at any time during your cruise.

What languages are spoken on board?

The official languages on board our boats are French and English.

The crew members and tour guides speak French and English fluently. They are also fluent in the major European languages, such as German, Italian and Spanish.

On board, information and warnings are communicated in French and English. They may also be announced in another language, depending on the nationality of the passengers on board.

Are there any stopovers and excursions planned during the cruise?

Our ships sail the most beautiful rivers of Europe and the world and stop over in the cities and remarkable sites of the countries we cross. Many of them are listed as Unesco World Heritage sites. CroisiEurope's approach is to make these cruises exceptional moments, and each year it offers new programs.

Our passengers have the choice of discovery. They can book all the optional excursions offered on a route as soon as their cruise is booked and enjoy a discount on the package, or if they rather they can buy the excursion of their choice, once on board. In any case our guides will ensure that the visits are full of great cultural interest with free audio guides, so passengers do not miss anything.

Some customers may prefer to go alone to discover the cities, to absorb the atmosphere, but thanks to the maps/plans available on board will be able to find the more hidden landmarks at each stopover.

On foot or by bus, alone or accompanied by our tour guides, in "classic excursion" or "dynamic excursion" mode... CroisiEurope is at your side to help make the most of your time ashore on your cruise.

When should I book my excursions?

Excursions can be booked at the time of booking the cruise, until up to one week before departure or on board the boat.

Reservations made before the departure of a package of complete excursions or ‘excursions à la carte’ are at a discounted price compared to reservations made on board.

Our reservation services and our website can give you all the relevant details.

Once booked, excursions are not refundable.

For groups, we offer the flexibility of reservation of the complete package for all or part of it. Please contact our relevant Services Groups if you would like more information about this.

What is the difference between classic and dynamic excursions?

It is possible to choose between two excursion formulas according to the tastes and desires: the "classic package" or the "dynamic package".

In the dynamic package all the excursions are brand new and give a different and more energized point of view on the proposed destinations. If the classics are rather "piano", the dynamics are "allegro" with unusual visits.

These excursions although sportier still remain accessible to the greatest number of passengers.

However, all discoveries are customizable. Each passenger is free to choose one or the other formula when booking before or during the cruise and can mix "classic" and "discovery" for the excursions ‘à la carte’ only.

Can I change the excursions?

You have the possibility to modify and add excursions before departure by phone or through your usual travel agent. Do not hesitate to contact your CroisiEurope agent who will make the changes.

Booking your cruise

How do I make a reservation at a CroisiEurope agency?

Our agency representatives are at your service to advise you on all our itineraries.


Is it possible to book my cruise online?

Our website allows you to book your cruise by offering you a choice of a large number of destinations at the desired date. You will be able to choose the number of participants, and the type of cabins on the desired deck.


You will also be able to book excursions, your transportation (depending on the destination), possible transfers and cancellation insurance.


Finally, you will be able to settle all the formalities of your reservation online.

All of our online services are also available in our agencies and by phone.


Take advantage of our website to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about:


  • Our exclusive cruises;
  • Our events;
  • Our new products and latest news;
  • Our last minute offers and special deals;
  • Our exclusive internet offers to book online.

What is an option?

Voilà! You have chosen a cruise, but you would like to book it on a provisional basis to give yourself a little more time to think.


CroisiEurope offers you the opportunity to create an option for a period of 7 days. Your request is registered and a free quote is sent to you.


At the end of the option period, if you wish to book, you can confirm your reservation by paying a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the order. It is also possible to pay the full amount of the order immediately.


After this period, the option expires without any action on your part. However, if you wish to book after this period, we cannot guarantee the availability and the initial rate.


The payment of the balance must be made 30 days before your departure at the latest. Upon receipt of the balance, we will send you by mail or email the travel booklet including your boarding tickets as well as all the useful details for your cruise.


You can complete all of these steps over the phone, online or in one of our agencies.

What does the payment of a deposit consist of?

The deposit represents 30% of the total amount of your reservation and allows you to validate the booking of a cruise. You can pay this deposit directly when you place your order if you do not wish to pay the full amount of your cruise.

How to pay the balance of your account?

The balance of your payment, i.e. 70% of the total amount in case of a deposit already paid, must be paid 30 days before the departure of the cruise.


The detailed amounts appear on your order confirmation document (received by email or in our agency.

You can pay your balance directly on our website, in the section my account, by phone with one of our agents or at the counter in one of our agencies.

What is the Flexibility offer?

For your comfort and peace of mind when planning a cruise, we offer Cruise Flexibility. This optional program, of which the cost is detailed below, is non-refundable and noncancellable, can only be used once, and must be purchased by all the persons included in the booking. With Cruise Flexibility you can change the date and destination, under the following conditions:

  • CroisiEurope river cruises (excl. cruises with a duration of less than 3 days / 2 nights as well as day services): £ 119 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 30 days before departure
  • CroisiEurope maritime and coastal cruises: £ 178 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 30 days before departure
  • CroisiEurope cruises on the Volga, Mekong, Ganges, Nile and in Southern Africa: £ 238 incl. tax / person, change of date is possible up to 45 days before departure.


Do not hesitate to contact your CroisiEurope agent to learn more about the Flexibility offer. 

Is it possible to travel in a group or to privatize a boat?

It is possible to privatize our barges and boats for a group, whether professional or not. Groups of 20 people or more benefit from special rates. The ideal place for lunch, dinner with/without overnight stay as well as a breakfast or a brunch, a conference, a festivity, a wedding, a seminar, a general assembly.


Do not hesitate to contact your CroisiEurope agent for more information.



Are there family offers or reduced rates for children?

Many cruises are offered with family offers. This year, on a selection of cruises, the cruise is free for children up to 16 years old.



What is the cruise satisfaction questionnaire?

At the end of your cruise, you will be given an evaluation form so that you can tell us if you are satisfied with our services.


Your opinion is important to us because it allows us to improve our services in order to bring complete satisfaction to our customers.

We strongly invite you to return this form to us. Either by giving it to the purser or by sending it to us by mail.


Even simpler, you can also choose to fill it out online by going to our dedicated page. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

Is there a CroisiEurope loyalty programme?

Because our clients are loyal to us, we reward them! By travelling on board our fleet, you accumulate points that will allow you to obtain numerous advantages on board and in the agency and to have access to special offers that we propose only to our privileged clients, members of the CroisiClub.