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European Rivers

Dive into the heart of our cruising world with our videos, you will discover the main rivers of Europe,

Start by exploring the four great rivers of France: The Seine a discovery journey from Paris to Honfleur.

Then go up the beautiful Rhone Valley, Martigues Chalon sur Saone, then the Loire to discover a unique route, that we are sole cruise company on this river. Finally, admire the vineyard landscapes of the Bordeaux region over the Garonne, Dordogne and Gironde.

Travel to the climate of Southern Europe thanks to our cruises in Portugal on the Douro and Guadiana, in Spain on the Guadalquivir and in Italy on the Po and the lagoon of Venice.

Finally, don’t miss out on Northern Europe and Central Europe cruises on the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam, the Elbe between Berlin and Prague, but also Copenhagen, and finally the majestic Danube and its Iron Gates.

France cruises

Cruises in France are a new way to travel the country, discovering its cultural, gastronomy and historical wealth on the Seine, the Rhone, the Loire, and the Gironde.

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The Seine cruise

The landscapes of the Seine Valley, Normandy and the cities of Honfleur, Rouen and Paris.

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The Rhone cruise

Sail from Martigues to Chalon on the Saône via Lyon, an ancient city of art and history..

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Cruise the Loire

Exceptional navigation on the Loire, in the heart of the wildest river in France, starting from Nantes

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Bordeaux on a cruise

Discover the beauty of the Gironde, its estuary, the Dordogne and the Garonne on a cruise.

Southern Europe cruise

Our Southern Europe cruises will take you to the most beautiful places in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The Douro Valley will offer breath-taking landscapes and an exciting heritage to discover.

The Guadalquivir and Guadiana will take you to remarkable cities such as Seville, Cadiz or the Vila Real de San Antonio.

The Po will make sure you discover the sublime squares and the extraordinary palaces of Venice as well as its magnificent lagoon.

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The Po cruise

Discover the most beautiful Venice, its lagoon and its treasures!

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The Douro Cruise

Discover the Golden River between Portugal and Spain

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The Guadalquivir cruise

Journey to the heart of Andalusia and its traditions

Northern Europe and Central Europe cruise

The Rhine Cruise is the historic route of CroisiEurope and one of the company's top itineraries. It is the most romantic way to visit the historical and architectural heritage of Northern Europe.

Travel to the Elbe and the Moldau, from Berlin to the heart of Prague aboard our newest ships, featuring paddle wheel technology.

Immerse yourself on our Danube cruises taking you to the heart of the wealth of Central Europe to the Danube Delta in the Black Sea.

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Cruise from the Danube to the Black Sea

From Imperial Vienna through the Iron Gates to the Danube delta, admire the breathtaking spectacle of the majestic blue river, flowing through 8 countries and 4 capitals.

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The Elbe and the Moldau cruise

From Berlin to Prague, discover this unique itinerary aboard a paddlewheel ship

MS Elbe Princesse

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The Rhine cruise

From Amsterdam to Basel, the treasures of a mythical, deeply romantic river.

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The Romantic Rhine Valley Cruise

Discovering this renowned river and its affluents: the Main, the Neckar, the Moselle and the Saar.

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Northern Europe cuise

Between Copenhagen and Berlin: The pearls of Denmark and the Baltice.

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The Danube and its Iron gates cruise

Immerse yourself in the heart of Central Europe, discovering the cities of Passau, Melk, Vienna or Budapest.