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Published on :   26/02/2016

The Best Southern European destinations

We have selected the best three Southern Europe Cruises! Sunshine, magical landscapes, exceptionally beautiful sites: find out where to go to relax and make the most of the winter and spring sun!

Cruise Andalusia 

Andalusia, with its traditions, food and flamenco, is our top recommendation! An Andalusia cruise means diving into a culture full of colour, warmth and relaxation. A welcoming region ideal for sun and sea worshippers, it has something for everyone in the family!

When Cruising Andalusia, you sail down the Guadalquivir and Guadiana rivers, connected by the sea. Discover a land rich in contrasts with its snowy sierras, wild west-like deserts and sun-drenched white sand beaches.

Cruise highlight: Seville’s Alcazar Palace 

The Alcazar Palace (Real Alcazar de Sevilla) is one of the oldest Royal Palaces in Europe and owns its unique status to its mix of architectural styles. Built in Seville in 844, the palace was altered many times during the Muslim period. A goth style palace was later added in the 13th century. In the 16th century, further alterations were made and it is now a unique combination of Muslim and Christian art.

Visit Venice

Venice is a unique destination that never fails to amaze. Visiting Venice means seeing the most romantic city in Italy, if not the world. The narrow streets, hidden squares, never-ending canals, and countless bridges enhance the charming effect of the palaces and monuments. A stroll around the city will make you feel as if you are in the middle of an opera.

Croatia: cruise the Mediterranean

Our top three would not be complete without a Croatia cruise. Bridging Central Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, it lies at a crossroads between cultures and influences. Discover historic monuments, and breathtaking natural beauty, such as island of Miljet and the national park of Krka.