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Published on :   07/08/2023

Fellow Cruisers,

Welcome to the August edition of our CroisiMag! As we delve into the exciting topics of this edition, we begin by unveiling our brand-new, unprecedented itineraries for the upcoming autumn/winter season. 

In addition, we're thrilled to share the news of our nominations for two prestigious awards. Join us in celebrating our achievements and casting your vote to make a difference!

Dive into the world of breathtaking natural wonders as we highlight our latest blog article featuring awe-inspiring waterfalls, a glimpse of the wonders you can encounter on some of our cruises.

Lastly, enjoy our latest video, showcasing the beauty of our cruises along the Douro River.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this edition of our CroisiMag as we take you on a journey through the world of travel and adventure.


Our brand-new Ocean and Coastal Cruises

2023 / 2024

This autumn, discover our exceptional sea cruises!

From the Atlantic to the Red Sea, via the Mediterranean, take advantage of our warm, intimate setting to discover confidential destinations.

Embark on an exceptional cruise aboard our small ships:

La Belle des Océans and La Belle de l'Adriatique for a truly special experience

that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

La Belle de l'Adriatique is cruising

Our repositioning cruises

Did you know?

From one season to the next, our ships change destination.

This is an exceptional opportunity to offer you original and unusual itineraries in the cities and countries bordering the seas and oceans that our ships pass through on their way to their final destination.

Discover these unique cruise opportunities!

The Canary Archipelago & the Red Sea

After two successful seasons, our two ocean ships will repeat both

of their superb itineraries!

La Belle des Océans will sail the Canary Archipelago from November to April, while

La Belle de l'Adriatique will sail the Red Sea from January to March.


Waterfalls and Cascades,

a fascinating natural spectacle!

Among the most impressive natural wonders on our planet, waterfalls always offer a captivating scene, illustrating the beauty of nature.Real gems, the majestic cascades, their dizzying drops, and roaring waters captivate and amaze visitors from all over the world, providing a unique experience and awe-inspiring communion with nature.

Apart from the spectacle they offer, waterfalls play a crucial role in biodiversity and ecosystem maintenance. Some of the world's most famous waterfalls, such as Niagara Falls in North America, Iguaçu Falls in South America, Victoria Falls in Africa and Krka Falls in Croatia, are must-see destinations for adventure-seeking travellers.

Of course, these natural sites are part of our excursions on various river and maritime itineraries, including remote ones.

Read our blog article to find out more about three natural sites and waterfalls you can admire on a cruise aboard our small boats.


We need your support

Last month, we've announced our nomination as best "Cruise Company" in the World Luxury Travel Awards for our Safari-Cruise in Southern Africa. As good news never arrives on its own, we now are thrilled to let you know CroisiEurope is a finalist at the Silver Travel Awards 2023 in the category "Best River Cruise Line". 

Now, we kindly ask for your support! As voting opens for both of these awards, we would be honoured if you could take a moment to cast your vote for CroisiEurope! Your vote will not only further increase our dedication to excellence but also help us reach yet new heights in the cruising industry. We are thrilled to have been nominated for these esteemed awards, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with unforgettable cruise experiences.

World Luxury Travel Awards

We've been nominated as best "Cruise Company" in the World Luxury Travel Awards for our Safari-Cruise in Southern Africa.

Voting opened yesterday and we would be grateful if you could take a moment to cast your vote for us as the top "Cruise Company" regarding our Safari-cruise.


Silver Travel Advisor Awards

CroisiEurope is a finalist at the Silver Travel Advisor Awards 2023 in the category "Best River Cruise Line".

Voting has now commenced and all votes cast are entered into a prize drawer for a range of wonderful prizes. Good luck!



In the heart of the Bay of Kotor

Nestling at the head of a bay, Kotor is a medieval town and the jewel of Montenegro.

To reach this enchanting port of call, La Belle de l'Adriatique crosses the Kotor Bays, a series of bays creating a spectacular labyrinth surrounded by high mountains.

A magnificent sight that unfolded before the astonished eyes of La Belle de l'Adriatique's passengers, who had the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet breakfast with a breathtaking view of this bay resembling a Mediterranean fjord from the sun deck.

We thank our passengers for sharing their cruise memories with us!

Sun deck of the ship


Porto and the Douro Valley on a cruise

Discover our latest video featuring our cruises along the Douro River.

A unique experience where idyllic landscapes and authentic towns come together, along thousand-year-old vineyards and mythical, unmissable ports of call, all lulled by the gentle sound of Fado.

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 See you next month for a new edition of our CroisiMag!