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Published on :   17/04/2023

Fellow cruisers,

In this April edition, we're delighted to share our latest news with you! 

We are pleased to announce that our 2023 CroisiFamily programme is now available with flights and transfers included.

Discover one of the events of the year that is best experienced by cruise:

the Rhine in Flames!

We've also included our latest videos highlighting three boats of our fleet before tempting you with some Elbe exclusive packaged offers.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this edition of our CroisiMag as we take you on a journey through the world of travel and adventure.

Our Summer CroisiFamily fly-cruises

In case you've missed it, we are pleased to showcase

our 2023 CroisiFamily fly-cruises.

Choose your destination and enjoy a family cruise with complete peace of mind, with airfare and transfers included for everyone starting at £3,100* per family.

A unique travel experience that allows adults and children to create unforgettable memories together. It is the ideal opportunity to share privileged moments and quality time between several generations.

To learn more about these fly-cruises, call our call-centre:

📞 01756 691 269


Focus on the Elbe:

Exclusive packaged offers


A luxury cruise on an authentic paddle riverboat ONLY WITH CROISIEUROPE.

Travel back in time to discover medieval Hanseatic cities between Berlin and Hamburg. Explore two of Germany's largest cities and admire the outstanding architecture along the banks of the Elbe.

Cruise Highlights:

  • Berlin, symbolic capital
  • Potsdam and the gardens at the Sanssouci Palace
  • Explore Medieval Hanseatic cities
  • Passage on the Scharnebeck twin ship lift, one of the highest in Europe
  • The Wolfsburg Autostadt, a unique attraction showcasing German automobiles

From Berlin to Hamburg

Departure: May 31st 2023

 Flights, transfers and cruise 

from £1,114(1)

(1)Flights based on STN-BER and HAM-STN with Ryanair and private airport-ship transfers

Check out the cruise

From Hamburg to Berlin

Departure: June 6th 2023

 Flights, transfers and cruise 

from £1,114(2)

(2)Flights based on STN-HAM and BER-STN with Ryanair and private airport-ship transfers

Check out the cruise


The Rhine in Flames:

A dazzling show along the Romantic Rhine

On several summer nights, the Rhine is set on fire for a unique and sparkling show. For this amazing occasion why not sail an itinerary allowing you to be in the front row of this world-famous event.

The Rhine Valley, from Bonn to Rüdesheim, becomes the scene of a spectacular firework show whose enchantment is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Along the banks of the Rhine, numerous sets of lights illuminate the landscapes, monuments, hills and castles of the banks of the Romantic Rhine. This event brings together the inhabitants of the villages and surroundings around popular festivals, wine festivals or markets with festive atmospheres. [...]


Our brand-new videos

If you missed them, discover our three new videos which highlight three boats from our maritime and river fleet: the MS Gil Eanes which sails along the Douro in Portugal, the MV La Belle de l'Adriatique, an ocean going small scale ship which sails along the Mediterranean coast and the MS Van Gogh which sails on the Rhône.




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