Georgy Chicherin

3 anchors class - 4-DECK SHIP



The Georgy CHICHERIN cruises the Volga.

Deck plan

Pont soleil
Pont des canots
Pont supérieur
Pont principal
Pont inférieur

Cabin description

Lifeboat Deck: 10 single- + 30 double-occupancy cabins + 2 suites
Upper Deck: 62 double-occupancy cabins
Main Deck: 36 double-occupancy cabins
Lower Deck: 14 quad-occupancy cabins

All cabins face the water (approx. 96 sq. ft.) and have low berths,  private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, radio, picture window (except Lower Deck cabins: 2 portholes per cabin).
1 Suite: Cabin with large bed and a living area, TV/video (approx. 215 sq. ft.)


The Georgy CHICHERIN was built in Germany in 1984.
3830 metric tons – 16 mph
Length: 423 ft.
Width: 54.8 ft.
Number of cabins: 154
Passengers: 280
Electricity: 220 V
Services: 2 restaurants, 2 or 3 bars, meeting room, music lounge, souvenir shop, ironing room,  medical services, upper and main decks have passageways,  sun deck with chaise lounges and sauna.