River Cruising FAQs




What time is embarkation / disembarkation?

Most cruises start with welcome cocktails around 19:00hrs; hence we recommend to check-in  from 17:00hrs onwards. However, please double check with your agent at the time of booking, in case your particular cruise departs earlier.

In many cases you could leave your luggage on-board our ships, should your flight or train arrive earlier in the day. Again, your agent can advise and inform our ships at the time of booking.

All passengers are requested to disembark by 09:00 a.m. If we are providing your airport transfer on disembarkation day, we will make sure your transfer is at the appropriate time for your flight or onwards transportation.


Are meals served on board?

Yes, all of your meals will be provided on board.  In fact, you’ll experience some of the best French and European cuisine at our tables. Depending on the excursions planned, some meals may exceptionally not be provided on board. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the cruise programme.

Breakfast is a self-serve buffet in the onboard restaurant, which may include pastries, coffee, tea, juice, breads, jams and jellies, a variety of sausages and cold cuts, eggs, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

Lunch and dinner will be 3-course sit down meals prepared by our chefs, and served at set times (which may vary by cruise) and in single seating for all passengers.  Since our meals are prepared on a daily basis from fresh ingredients, we serve a fixed menu of local specialties.  Both lunch and dinner meals are paired with excellent complimentary wines.

Are drinks provided?

On all cruises, we provide free beverages with every meal, including mineral water, fruit juice, tea, coffee, house wine and beerDrinks served at the bar are included in the full price of some cruises as well.  If your cruise does not include an open bar, you may purchase a €30 drink card to cover any of these beverages you may wish to buy while on board; any money remaining is reimbursed at the end of the cruise.

Champagne, premium brand vintage wines and spirits are listed on our special wine list are available at  additional charge on all our cruises.

Please check your cruise program and details to see which applies to you while cruising.

How many people sit at each table?

Our large tables seat six people.  You’ll be able to converse and socialize with new friends, but you’ll never feel crowded together, and we make it a point to pair up passengers who are able to communicate in the same languages.

We also reserve a portion of the dining room for larger groups traveling together, so that all people in the party may eat together if they so choose.

Do you provide meals for people with food allergies or special dietary needs?

Yes, we do.  Please state your specific needs at the time you make your reservation; we will be happy to assist you with a menu that will meet your needs.

We’re celebrating a special occasion.  What do you provide?

We would be delighted to make your celebrations onboard with us extra special. Please let us know your special occasion requirements – such as cakes, champagne, or flowers – at the time of booking and ideally one month or more before departure, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

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Is your ship air conditioned and/or heated?

Our cabins have individual controls for AC and heat, so you can adjust your room to meet your needs.  Our enclosed public spaces such as the dining room are air conditioned or heated as the weather requires. You can always enjoy the weather outdoors while cruising, as well, on any of our decks!

How big are the beds?

Our cabins offer two twin beds or one double bed, depending upon the ship you sail on and the cabin you reserve.  You can find the cabin descriptions, including bed types, under each ship listed on our website. To see the cabin and bed arrangements, first find the ship you’ll be cruising on, and the click on the cabin decks (upper, middle or main). 

What size are the cabins?

Room size depends on the ship and the type of room.  All rooms have the equivalent of double beds and an armoire and chest of drawers, desk, chair, lighting, night stands and private bathroom with shower. Check the ‘ships’ area of our website for the deck plan of your ship and cabins.
Fixed or sliding windows in each cabin offer a panoramic view of the scenery.

How many people are assigned to a cabin?

Our cabins can accommodate two people.  Some cabins can accommodate up to three people, depending on the ship.  If you are travelling alone you will be required to pay the single supplement.  Ask an agent for more details about your needs when reserving.

What items are included in my cabin?

Each cabin is equipped with satellite television (remote controls are at the reception desk), a radio, a hairdryer and a safe for your valuables.  For your personal comfort, all cabins are equipped with a shower, toilet and sink, and provided with towels, but not washcloths.

I have a physical disability.  Do you provide appropriate accommodations?

Croisieurope River Cruises  welcomes disabled guests but wishes all guests to understand that challenges will exist on board and during shore excursions. Some ships have elevators and some do not; some ships have split-level decks and/or significant thresholds that could make movement difficult . Shore excursions may require movement over cobblestones or up and down stairs; accordingly, a physically challenged guest will require the services of a responsible adult since crew availability is severely limited in most circumstances.

We offer cabins equipped for people with mobility issues.  Our three-deck ships have elevators for accessibility between decks, as well as dining, lounging and restroom accommodations that meet code for those with disabilities.

Please talk to one of our agents about your specific needs, so that we find the best vessel and solution for you.

Where can I relax on board other than inside my own cabin while cruising?

Our lounge, bar, and library are all comfortable and tastefully decorated, and are good places to spend time socializing indoors with friends or family, or quietly on your own.  The lounge is panoramic and is located at the front of the ship (on the upper deck for 2-deck ships and on the middle deck on 3-deck ships).

The sun deck is a great place to relax outdoors and enjoy the weather.  It offers recliners and deck chairs for your comfort.

Does the ship offer laundry facilities?

No, we do not have laundry facilities on board. 

Do you offer entertainment on board?

We offer various pre-dinner games, dinner-dances and other lively evenings in our lounge, which is advantageously placed at the bow of the ship with a panoramic view.  Events will vary from cruise to cruise; your cruise host or hostess will be happy to give you more information about the entertainment once you are on-board.

We also offer on board programmes to enhance your understanding of your destinations, including lectures, demonstrations and theme dinners with regional specialities. Depending on your itinerary, a folkloric group or local musicians may come aboard, or other activities may be hosted by your host. On itineraries where your ship stays in port during the evenings or overnight, you may choose to enjoy a show, a local drink, or dinner ashore on your own.

Your private cabin is also equipped with satellite TV and radio.

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What languages do you speak on CroisiEurope? Will I be able to find someone who speaks English while cruising?

Don’t worry – you will be able to communicate in your native language.  Although our primary language is French, the majority of our staff and tour guides are fluent in English, as well as the major European languages such as German, Italian and Spanish.  Notices and announcements are in French and English, as well as other languages based upon the needs of the passengers on board.

Depending upon the staff, crew or passengers on your trip, you may even have the opportunity to brush up on any other languages you speak!


What currency do you use on board?

The primary currency is the Euro. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. There are no currency exchange facilities on-board, so please ensure you have sufficient cash before boarding. We do not accept traveller’s cheques.


Do I need to bring an adaptor/converter plug to use the electricity on board?

Yes.  Our electrical service is 220V; most standard American electrical appliances are 120V.
If you have any items that require electricity you must bring a two-pin plug European adaptor that will fit your item.  Many items such as cell phone chargers come already equipped with international adaptors – check the equipment that came with your cell phone.  In addition, you may find that you need to bring adaptors for other items such as your own razor, electric toothbrush, or curling iron (220V hair dryers are provided in each cabin).


What is the dress code on board?

You’ll be most comfortable during the day in smart casual clothing.  You may wish to bring items that do not wrinkle easily, or that transport well after being ironed at home, as there is no iron provided on the ship.  Bring a variety of clothing for the environments expected during your cruise, including light clothing and bathing suits for hot weather, a sweater or jacket for cooler weather, and of course a raincoat and/or small umbrella.

Please check the weather for your specific cruise countries, as the weather can vary quite a bit between the northern and Mediterranean areas.  Don’t forget to bring comfortable and sturdy walking shoes for sightseeing excursions.

You can check forecasts and live reports at:

 BBC Weather                http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/
 Met Office                     http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/world/
 The Weather Channel    http://uk.weather.com/

For evening meals, as well as for cocktails or gala events ‘casual dressy’ clothing is appropriate.


Tipping customs vary from country to country and culture to culture, and we understand that tipping is a way for passengers to show appreciation for services, quality and attention received during the cruise, whether it be for the meals, rooms, reception or visits.  It is our policy is that any tips received will be shared equally among all crew members.

Many passengers look for general guidelines on how to tip, especially in foreign countries.  An acceptable range within the industry is € 5 - €10 per day per person, with the understanding that tipping is entirely at your discretion. 

To leave a tip, please use the envelope found in your cabin your last evening on board, and place this envelope in the specially designated box in the reception area as you disembark.

Gift shop

Our gift shop sells postcards, stamps and souvenirs, as well as tickets to various excursions and tours that leave from the ship.


Is smoking allowed on board?

Smoking is not permitted inside CroisiEurope ships.  You may smoke in designated smoking areas on deck only.


Can I bring my pet while cruising?

No, we are sorry.  Pets are not allowed on board.

Telephone and Internet

Is there internet access on board?

Free wi-fi is available on all CroisiEurope ships throughout the fleet. While Wi-Fi is available in the reception area and lounge bar on most ships, on the newest ships such as the Ms Gerard Schmitter, the MS Cyrano de Bergerac, the MS Lafayette and the fleet of four hotel barges, Wi-Fi is available throughout. CroisiEurope is also equipping every ship in the fleet (apart from those ships on the Mekong) with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet for guests’ use.

Emergency contacts

At the time of confirmation, your ship’s emergency telephone number will be provided in your on-board documentation, so that your family may reach you in the event of urgent need or emergency.
If you would like to make or receive phone calls on a non-emergency basis, we recommend that you make arrangements with your mobile phone provider for more information.

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Are there life jackets on board?

Each cabin is provided with two adult life jackets and two life jackets for children.  A demonstration of the proper use of the life jackets will be given to all passengers, prior to departure.

Are there life boats on board?

River ships do not have life boats on board, as the bodies of water on which we travel are small, and life jackets provide appropriate flotation and protection in the case of emergency.  Our ocean-cruising ships are fully equipped with the regulatory safety equipment.

I have a medical condition.  Is there a doctor or nurse on board?

CroisiMer Ocean and coastal cruise ships have a nurse on board. 

Our CroisiEurope river cruise ships and hotel barges there are no doctor or nurse available.  In the case of an emergency, the purser will immediately contact a doctor or nurse on land, and the ship will stop at the nearest possible landing point to facilitate emergency medical attention.

Every ship has a defibrillator on board and at least two people on the boat are trained to use it.

If you have any health conditions that are of concern to you, please visit your physician to be thoroughly checked and cleared before embarking on a cruise.  We are always at your service in the case of any emergency, but we’d much rather that you enjoy your trip without fear of interruption by a medical crisis!

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Why is CroisiEurope cheaper than their competitors?

We are less expensive than our competitors because we are an independent, family-owned business, and we take care of everything in our operations from beginning to end:  from the design and building of our ships, and fleet maintenance, to creating cruise itineraries, sales and marketing, and training of our staff and crew.  This close oversight gives us the ability to manage our costs carefully, and give you the best value for money.

Furthermore, we spent financial resources on things that matter most:  experienced and friendly staff and crew, clean and comfortable cabins and beds, reliable and safe ships, excellent food, incredible itineraries, and a delightful experience of European culture. 

Does the lower price mean that I will be sacrificing quality if I go with CroisiEurope?

Not at all.  We like to say “CroisiEurope takes you away for so much less, but we still include it all”.  Our cabins and beds offer the best in comfort, our food is unparalleled, our ships are safe, our staff and crew are highly trained, and we take you to the same beautiful cities and sites as our competitors.  You won’t find any superfluous extras on CroisiEurope – we think that just distracts from your experience of the voyage.  What you will find is that our standards are high and our quality is excellent.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we do.  Discounts are available for groups of 20 people or more.  We can also help to arrange pre- and post-cruise meeting services for your group, to make gathering together easier.

From November through March, groups of 80 people or more may privately charter a ship for lunches, dinners, conferences, parties or other gatherings.  These private charters are available with or without overnight stops.

Do you offer special discounts or services for families with children?

Children under 10 years are eligible for a discounted ticket price.  Please contact us for details.

We offer Family Cruises during the summer holidays in Spain, Portugal and Italy.  Special pricing for these cruises includes free admission for children aged 16 and under.  Single cabins are available for an additional charge. Our Family Cruises in Croatia include a 30% discount for children aged 16 and under.

If you are bringing an infant or toddler on your cruise, please be sure to bring all necessary equipment and supplies such as a portable baby bed, strollers, baby carriers, diapers, and more.  Due to space constraints we are not able to offer these items on board.

For children over one year of age, please also think about reserving children’s meals adapted to their age at the time of your reservation.  We can reheat bottles or baby food for your convenience.

Do you ever have other discounts or special offers?

Yes.  Please see Offers, or sign up for our newsletter to be kept informed of our latest deals and special offers.

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Can I book online?

Sure!   Use our online FIND YOUR CRUISE menu to choose the cruise you’d like to take.  You can use the ADVANCED SEARCH link to help, and you can also save and compare up to three different cruises while you search.  For each program, you’ll be able to see: the itinerary, departure dates and availability, excursions and the ship. You’ll also be able to see the prices.  Final cost of your cruise will vary according to the optional excursion packages you choose.  Keep in mind that a 5% discount on excursions is available only when reserving your trip.  You can still book and pay for excursions once you are on-board at the regular price.

Once you have paid your balance due – and if you give us your email address – you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.  Without an email address, we will send your confirmation to your mailing address.  All itineraries and travel information will be sent to you at your mailing address, so please make sure it is correct at the time of your reservation.

I’d rather talk to a representative.  Can I book via telephone?

Of course.  Please call us at 0208 3 281 281 and we will be happy to assist you.


Some cruises are what we call ‘port-to-port cruises’: cruises that do not return to the original departure port.  Some of our programs provide transfers by coach to the original port, which are included in the price.  Transfers included or not included with your cruise can be found in the detailed program under ‘Transfers’.   There are times when a transfer can only be guaranteed by us if there are more than 20 people registered for the transfer.

Getting you safely and comfortably to and from our ports is one of our top priorities, so please consider this information and your travel needs when booking your cruise, or talk to any of our agents about your needs or concerns.


All of the excursions we offer are optional, so you are free to join us or to explore each stop on your own.  
Most of our excursions are provided at additional cost.   Excursions are also available to purchase once on board at the original price.

Details of excursions are available in the itinerary of each cruise.

What can I expect on Excursions?

Some of your excursions are designed as panoramic tours or are shorter walking tours intended to give you an overview. Other excursions may focus on a particular attraction. Meals are generally served aboard ship and sometimes in a local restaurant.

Depending on the day’s schedule, you may be able to stay longer in the city or attraction to explore on your own. Please check with your host on details of this option. On some tours, coaches will drop off passengers for the walking portion of the tour, returning later for the return trip. Passengers typically cannot remain on the coach.

Our shore excursions include walking tours, panoramic coach tours and sometimes a combination of both. They often require a fair amount of walking, since many areas of interest are best accessed on foot. Some tours may require that you be on your feet for an extended period of time.

To enjoy all of your excursions, you should be in good physical condition and able to walk easily over uneven pavement, cobblestone streets, or up and down stairs and inclines

Once booked, there are no refunds for unused tours, meals or other portions of the holiday.

Will we be provided with information about the areas we are visiting?

We’ll send you a bit of information ahead of time in your travel documents about the regions you’ll be visiting. Aboard each cruise CroisiEurope’s cruise host or hostess for each trip will provide you with information about the areas you will visit.  The hostess may also accompany passenger groups on ‘exploratory’ walks through certain towns.  We will call upon local guides for information and guidance during excursions and tours. 

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What documents will I receive from CroisiEurope?

After you've completed your cruise payment in full, you will receive email documents 30 days prior to your cruise departure.

They will include the following:

  • Boarding vouchers to be handed in when arriving on board
  • Other vouchers, if applicable for transfers, excursions, hotel nights etc. if booked with CroisiEurope
  • Personal itinerary, including embarkation map and address, and day by day events
  • Information package for the river you are cruising with river history, description of excursions and hints on what to expect on board.

If you need documents earlier than 30 days, please let us know.
What documents should I bring on my cruise?  Do I need my passport, or other forms of ID?
Based on the destinations chosen, please ensure you have an up-to-date passport.  It must be valid for six months beyond the last day of your travels.

We advise passengers coming from non-EEC countries to consult their embassy or consulate in order to gain information on the relevant formalities needed. US Passport holders can travel to and within the European Union without any additional visas.  For other destinations or non US citizens, please consult http://www.projectvisa.com.

If you have received CroisiEurope’s personal information forms, they must be completed and returned to us at least one month before departure. They are absolutely necessary for all cruises in Portugal, Croatia, Spain and Italy.

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Do I need any kind of insurance for my trip?

The cost of all cruises includes limited medical and repatriation insurance covered through AGA International.

For your convenience, we offer an insurance package whose coverage includes cancellation, interruption, baggage loss and damage, and private civil liability abroad. Or you may purchase travel insurance through your own insurance agency.

Should I take out personal travel insurance?

Travel insurance can protect you from the unexpected if your holiday doesn’t quite go to plan.
However, personal emergencies sometimes arise and we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to protect your holiday and yourself while you’re away.

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