Bordeaux region and Dordogne on the Garonne and Gironde

A Bordeaux wine river cruise is ideal for sampling the local delicacies and pleasant climate this corner of France has to offer. The Bordeaux region has many treasures that can be discovered on a cruise on the Garonne, Gironde and Dordogne rivers. Its unique climate has shaped the landscape which contains numerous renowned vineyards producing world class vintages such as Saint-Emilion and Château Lafitte Rothchild. Every river cruise from Bordeaux will take you on a journey exploring the unique cuisine and wines of the region.

Located in the Aquitaine Region in South West France, the Bordeaux region offers a great combination of historic sites, with many renowned chateaux, and natural wonders, with the Gironde Estuary and the Pilat sand dune, the tallest in Europe.

Explore the Bordeaux region by making a river cruise part of your Dordogne travel plans. On a river cruise, you can easily travel the enchanting region in comfort and style, with the finest in gourmet French cuisine.

3 mighty rivers, the Gironde estuary and the Arcachon basin


Discover the largest area of AOC vineyards in the world A voyage through the valleys of the Médoc, Libourne, and the Entre-deux-Mers to discover the enchanting and mysterious Bordeaux region.

BOA - 8 days

Nature's authentic heritage: hike in the South-West of France


Hikes with a qualified mountain guide through the vineyards and marshlands of the Médoc; along the Dordogne and Garonne valley paths; to the slopes and vineyards of Blaye and Bourg; and through the Gironde hills along the estuary.

ROB - 6 days